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Sophia Cheong, Features Editor

Hi! I'm Sophia but many like to call me, "Sofa." Sadly, this is my final year at Cam High, which means my last year on the Cam High Stinger.  It is weird to think that I did not like to write before I joined journalism. The people made this class EVEN MORE enjoyable and entertaining! I can be a little nerdy and a try-hard (like 88.653 % of the time). My high school senior life consists of doing 6 hours of homework a day, eating every 10 minutes, extracurriculars, taking naps every once in a while, getting 5 hours of sleep, exercising (ya know, walking up and down the stairs).. aaanndd  frantically trying to get my life together. Lol. Anyways, thanks for checking out the site and feel free to ask me any questions if you happen to see me at school!



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Sophia Cheong