Food Review: Wood Ranch V.s. Bandits

A discussion that has grown quite the attention among many Cam High students, is the infamous debate of which Camarillo barbecue restaurant is superior: Wood Ranch or Bandits?

For years, the two restaurants have been up for heavy comparison by the community. Being the few Barbecue restaurants in Camarillo leaves a gateway for judgment on both ends of the party. So which one is better?

A poll consisting of 20 Cam High students was posted on Instagram, asking the timeless question. Based on the results, 99% of students voted for Wood Ranch, the other 1% voted for Bandits. Explaining her decision of choosing Wood Ranch, sophomore Anna Gietzen, stated, “I go to Wood Ranch pretty often with my family and it’s simply so much better. The food is always so good, and the whole experience is just great. I can see why some people like Bandits too, I mean they have really good bread but I just find Wood Ranch to be better in my opinion.”

When it comes to pros and cons, the pros of Wood Ranch outweigh the pros of Bandits by landslides. With every Wood Ranch visit, I’ve had nothing short of a great experience. They provide an exceptional environment and with friendly staff; not to mention the delicious food. Personally, I find the food at Wood Ranch to be way more enjoyable than Bandits.  

One main comparison made between the two restaurants surrounds their bread rolls. Multiple people agreed that the Wood Ranch bread rolls are simply better than the ones served at Bandits. Both restaurants’ rolls are delicious, however there is a clear winner. When asked about what seals the deal on Wood Ranch being better, senior Cali Marquez stated, “One Word. Bread.” Which I think truly sums up the overall general opinion. Both restaurants are great, however I think the answer is clear to see that people strongly prefer Wood Ranch over Bandits.