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Samantha Scardino, Cam High English teacher, discusses with Cam High students about classes next year.

Cam High Will Return For Solely In-Person Learning For 2021-2022 School Year

Caroline Carbajal, Staff Writer June 14, 2021

Cam High has officially announced that all students will be returning to school during the 2021-2022 school year. The high school has not had full time, in-person learning since March of 2020.  This...

With COVID-19 vaccinations rolling out through the American public at a steady rate, more conversation has been sparked throughout the country, and the world, as to whether or not receiving the optional vaccination is necessary.

Is Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine Necessary?

Michelle Montoya , Staff Writer June 14, 2021

The Coronavirus has been affecting not only the United States, but the entire world, for over a year now. Travel bans have been put into place since March of 2020: grandparents are not able to visit with...

Christian Pulisic, also referred to as

The European Super League: May’s Recap

Kevi Perez, Staff Writer June 14, 2021

A league that allows the top football teams of each European league to face each other has come to an end. The first idea that comes to a footballer’s mind is the UEFA Champions League, but in this...

The conflict between Palestine and Israel, tens of years old, has become the center of public debate within the United States and extended corners of the globe.

Palestine-Israel Conflict Continues To Spark Discussions Through Human Rights Campaigns

Caroline Carbajal, Staff Writer June 14, 2021

On May 7th and 10th, Israeli forces stormed the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and used tear gas, stun grenades and rubber tipped bullets on Palestinian worshipers. The violence took place during the final...

Masks Through 2021: Useless or Useful?

Masks Through 2021: Useless or Useful?

Felicity Fajardo, Staff Writer June 14, 2021

COVID-19 has affected all of us, and with mask mandates being lifted, there are many who questions if it is truly safe to do so, or if it is too soon to be lifting mandates. However, the public may believe...

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators attend a protest following a flare-up of Israeli-Palestinian violence, in London, Britain May 11, 2021. REUTERS/Toby Melville

Israel-Palestine Conflict Sparks Global Protest

Mark Minkel, Staff Writer June 13, 2021

Earlier this month, there has been a surge in fairly large protests that first erupted in East Jerusalem. The protests started after a decision has been made by the Supreme Court of Israel. 71 protesters...

Protests Surge Through Columbia Upon News Of Tax Reform

Protests Surge Through Columbia Upon News Of Tax Reform

Diana Becerra, Staff Writer June 13, 2021

Since April 28, 2021, there have been many protests in Columbia, consisting of thousands of Colombians from various cities. Which started because of the tax reform that Columbian President Iván Duque...

Class of 2021 Will Have an Outdoor Graduation

Class of 2021 Will Have an Outdoor Graduation

Diana Becerra, Staff Writer June 13, 2021

 In order to celebrate the graduating class of 2021, an outdoor graduation ceremony will be held at Cam High on Tuesday, June 15th. Due to COVID-19, there was no outdoor graduation ceremony last year....

BATA students, including Peter McNamee (right) and Frank Smith (left), have been working to produce T-shirts for consumers.

BATA Design Co. Back and Ready for Business

Lucas Flansburgh, Staff Writer June 7, 2021

After temporarily putting a halt on their clothing business during the COVID-19 pandemic, BATA Design Co. is back to producing merchandise for clubs and events around campus. Since the option to return...

photo courtesy of achsseniors2021 on instagram

Senior Activities Deliver Some Sense of Normalcy

Michelle Montoya , Staff Writer June 7, 2021

At Cam High, almost all notable senior events were still on for the Class of 2021. Events such as the Senior Formal, Grad Bash, Graduation, and many more were--or are currently-- in the works.  Lori...

* these are airsoft guns*

Altering The Second Amendment: Should We Be “AK” With It?

Sean Diswe, Staff Writer June 4, 2021

Guns and gun rights have been a big public debate for many years and will continue to be so since there are a variety of conflicting viewpoints and opinions regarding the topic. It is my opinion that guns...

Hospital Housekeepers are often the staff that ensure the cleanliness of medical facilities, and their importance has been prevalent throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hospital Housekeepers: The Unsung Heroes

Kevi Perez, Staff Writer June 4, 2021

The healthcare workers working this past year have been some of the most important people of 2020. They have put countless hours and effort into helping our society and the world fight the COVID-19 pandemic....

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