Cam High Student Ejected from Football Game for Waving a Mexican Flag


Cesar Perez shows off his Mexican flag after being ejected from the stadium.

Cam High Sophomore Cesar Perez was ejected from Cam High football’s playoff game vs Milikan, as well as a man allegedly identified as Bob Gilbert on Friday, November 5th. The man had called Perez, who was carrying and waving around a Mexican flag, multiple slurs, and told him to “Go back to Mexico.” He then continued yelling at Perez, getting very close to him until they were separated by security, and eventually removed from the stadium.

Perez pointed out that this man had not been anywhere near him, but made it a point to confront him. “He came all the way down the bleachers to yell at me. He was at the top and ran all the way down to the bottom.” Perez says he had planed to wear the flag on Dia De Dos Muertos (Day of the Dead), but he forgot, so he wore it at the game instead, leading to this controversy.

When speaking on his ejection, Perez explained how they said it was for his security. However, he thought otherwise. “I think they kicked me out so they didn’t have any more problems with me and him[Gilbert].” After the conflict, many rumors surfaced about the man being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Perez went on to confirm these rumors, stating, “I could definitely smell the liquor in his breath, and the security told me, ‘He’s a drunk old man, just let him go.'” That did not excuse his behavior in Perez’s eyes. “It definitely was something he’s done before. He must’ve thought it if he said it while he was drunk.”

Despite this happening at Cam High, and the initial response by school security, Perez has been very pleased with the way the school responded afterwards. He stated, “They responded the best they can. Mr La Belle has talked to me and my parents, and Mr. Gilbert (the son of the alleged aggressor) said sorry, and that he is very embarrassed by the way his father acted.”

Because of this incident, many students showed up the following school day with their own Mexican flags to show their support for Perez. Unfortunately, showing support is the most anyone can do in the aftermath of this situation, as no charges could be pressed on Gilbert. “I looked towards pressing charges, but apparently there is nothing we can do. My mom is still really mad about the whole situation.” Perez concluded.

It is very clear that even in today’s day and age, racism is still as relevant as it was years ago, and minorities everywhere still have to struggle with it. People can read articles and watch videos online about a complete stranger, but when they see something that happens at their own school community, it brings a new sort of awareness to everyone: Racism is everywhere, and can happen to people you know.