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The novel Huckleberry Finn has been the subject of much controversy due to its legacy in schools and the use of the

Taught Or Not: Should Huckleberry Finn Continue Being Read In School?

Liliana Ruiz, Staff Writer January 11, 2021

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, written by Mark Twain, is widely recognized as a classic novel. It is taught in English classes throughout thousands of schools all across the world. However, The Adventures...

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The Storming of Capitol Hill: A Nearly Fatal Blow to Democracy

Shahbano Raza, Managing Editor January 7, 2021

Although I was expecting political and social unrest on Wednesday--due to the inevitable chaos that would ensue following Democratic domination of the Senate--I never fathomed that violent protesters would...

Should The SAT Be Eliminated From College Decisions?

Should The SAT Be Eliminated From College Decisions?

Lucas Flansburgh, Staff Writer December 17, 2020

This year, more colleges than ever have decided not to consider SAT scores in their admission process, including both the UC and CSU systems. This has raised the question of whether SAT scores should be...

Due to a lack of adequate supply during the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses and healthcare professionals have been forced to deal with a PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) shortage.

Are Our Medical Workers Safe?

Eliana Bornhauser, Staff Writer May 4, 2020

The world has been occupied with the pandemic spread among all of us for weeks on end, and between social distancing, quarantine, and proper hygiene; we should continually be asking: What do our medical...

Guantanamo Bay, despite being recognized as a CIA black site, is known for inhumane treatment of prisoners.

Guantanamo Bay: A Direct Violation of Ethical Treatment

Tobias Christiansen, Staff Writer March 9, 2020

Guantanamo Bay, a naval base classified as a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) black site, is located in the Guantanamo providence at the southeastern end of Cuba, and it is most commonly known for its...

Listening to music while studying prevents academic-induced anxiety and depression, as well as provides long-term health benefits.

Music in School Sounds Nice, Right?

Madalyn Duvall, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

In this day and age, music is a natural and ever-present feature of people's lives, so much so that it is common to see people with headphones on when doing common chores or tasks. This behavior is especially...

The College Board has made some controversial changes to the AP Program, including raised fees and new deadlines.

College Board’s Earlier Deadline Will Likely Hurt Students

Donny Robbins, Staff Writer October 25, 2019

Watch out, AP students! College Board has changed the normal March 22 AP registration deadline to Nov. 1, and they will charge a $40 late fee. As a result, College Board will likely reap benefits at the...

Cam High teacher Mr. Peter Wachtel recently received second place in Harbor Freight's Tools for Schools competition.

Cam High Teacher Wins National Award from Harbor Freight

Donny Robbins, Staff Writer October 24, 2019

Cam High Wood shop teacher Mr. Peter Wachtel won $50,000 and a workbench for a second-place finish in Harbor Freight's Tools for Schools competition. All the money will be used for Cam High’s wood shop...

Tired sleepy woman yawning, working at office desk and holding a cup of coffee, overwork and sleep deprivation concept

Don’t Sleep On This

Molly Honnef, Staff Writer May 23, 2019

Today, I hear many people say things like "I'll sleep when I'm dead" or "I'll just pull an all-nighter," which is a dangerous mindset that creates unhealthy habits. Sleep should be one of peoples' top...

Protests and demonstrations have often been referred to as the

Your Body, Your Choice

Dante Bernhardt, Staff Writer May 16, 2019

Abortion has consistently remained a deep-seated (and particularly deafening) topic with countless numbers of supporters on both sides of the debate, clamoring for their team's opinion. Despite the complexities...

Debunking Abortion Arguments

Debunking Abortion Arguments

Donny Robbins, Staff Writer May 16, 2019

Abortion is one of the simplest debates in America; everything comes down to whether the unborn child is a life or not.  It is my belief that life begins at conception, thus, making abortion murder....

Cam High plans to put additional fencing up by the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

Years Later, Cam High Remains On the Fence

Greg Oler, Staff Writer May 8, 2019

The contemporary issue of campus security and fencing has been a consistent issue at Cam High, and 18 years ago, The Stinger published an article describing this predicament. The story "The Problem...

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