Cam High’s Annual Rival Game against Rio Mesa


Curtsy of Mr. Montijo for this picture!

For roughly 46 years, Camarillo’s two across-town high schools have battled in a tough rivalry against each other. For what seems like forever, both schools have had intense competition. Friday, September 25th, Cam High continued the tradition of hosting the 46th annual rivalry football game played against Rio Mesa High School. In 1975, the two high-schools competed for the first time ever, leaving a lasting tradition for years to come.

The well known rival game, held every year, is always highly anticipated. With rivalry, comes division. Anna Gietzen, Sophomore at Cam High, said about the division: “There is definitely division, and even some anger I could sense between the teams at the game. Dirty looks were shot both ways, from what I could see. Both schools are definitely very spirited about their teams, but at the end of the day we are all fine.” She went on to acknowledge, “I even see on social media some roar over this game every time its almost time for it. From what I experienced this year, there’s surely talk across town.”

Before the game took place, Shelby Beck, a junior and varsity cheerleader, commented on the pre-game excitement, “I am looking forward to stunting, as well as the cyclone, because it going to be wild! I am exited for the hype.” After all, Beck was right. With full stands and an energetic cyclone, the support regarding the game was insane. Tanner Gietzen, a senior at Cam high, who was involved in the cyclone, said, ¨Everyone had so much energy and support. It was my first time in our cyclone and it was pretty dope. Everyone was really hyped up.¨

The Scorpions hosted the Spartans, Friday, September 25th in the James Ackerman Stadium. The final score after a long battle against Rio, was 23-21. Rio Mesa held the lead the whole game. “Camarillo didn’t wilt. The Scorpions drove 75 yards on nine plays to pull within 20-7 on a 9-yard slant from Meyer to Maulhardt, two plays after they combined to convert a third-and-11 with a 21-yard connection.” said the VC Star.

Head football coach, Jack Willard, was proud of the efforts of both teams: “Both teams played hard. We made too many mistakes in the first 1/2 that we could not overcome. We kept battling back despite the the 20-0 deficit and gave ourselves a chance to win, but came up a little short.”

Although Camarillo did not pull through with a win, the game was nothing short of entertaining to watch. Both teams neck and neck throughout the battle resulting in the win of Rio Mesa.