After Prom Returns for Class of 2022

At Cam High, one of the school’s long standing traditions will return: After Prom for the Class of 2022. After two years of being stuck in the pandemic where large school wide events like this couldn’t be held, it is amazing that After Prom is returning.

This year Cam High will celebrate not only its 31st Anniversary of hosting After Prom, but also the ability to host one once again. Kami Chan, the Adolfo Camarillo PTSA President stated “Unfortunately were not able to provide [After Prom] for the Classe of 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19.”

But on May 13th, 2022, from midnight to 4:30 A.M in the morning at the Roxy, After Prom will once again be available to the Class of 2022. The event will include lot of food, games, movies, a DJ, photo booth, raffles, a Senior Gift, and so much more.

“Seniors can bring guests from other schools, just like for prom; each guest requires a waiver and the same age guidelines that ACHS uses are also used for the PTSA,” said Chan. Formal attire is not required, as for this event, students can attend with casual and comfortable clothes such as pajamas or anything else they would like.

Regarding why the PTSA and school decided to host events after prom, Chan stated “The reasons why this After Prom event is done is because, statistically, young drivers from 16 to 24 years old in 1990 represented the 40% of fatal drunk driving accidents. It was this alarming statistic that led concerned parents/PTSAs to create a safe and fun alternative to random house parties and the like.”

Here is the link where you can buy your ticket, for only $15.