Scorps Spotlight 44: Cam High says Good-bye to English Teacher Ms. Lawler


Beloved Cam high teacher, Ms. Christine Lawler is hanging up her hat as a teacher. After teaching for an astounding 30 years, her career is coming to a close.

Lawler grew up in Littleton, Colorado. She completed her studies at multiple schools. Including Metropolitan State College in Denver on a soccer scholarship for two years. Then spent some time at CSUN  to earn her English degree, and Azusa Pacifica for her masters degree in coaching. Lawler came to Cam High in 1996. She started as an English teacher, and has remained since then. Lawler explained the reasons as to why she desired being an English teacher. She stated, “I wanted to become an English teacher because I thought it’d be fun and easy… I love writing and reading good literature.” Lawler described one of the most desired pros of being a teacher, “I’d have summers off!”.

Alongside being an outstanding teacher, Lawler was also heavily affiliated with multiple programs at Cam High. Lawler coached girls soccer for 22 years, and girls volleyball for 12.  Apart from coaching, Ms. Lalwer was also involved in two clubs and programs, Drama and Gay- Straight alliance. While in charge of the drama department, she produced and directed 4 musicals and 2 comedies total. Lawler advised the Gay-Straight alliance for 17 years now.
Lawler explained the joys she has had while teaching at Cam High. She explained, “I get tearful when thinking about how much I’ll miss my buddies and the students, but I SMILE when thinking about all the technology-related stress and grading that I’ll do without!”. Lawler explained one of her favorite memories from teaching. “I have MANY favorite memories, but one of the best ones is when a student fell asleep while I was lecturing, so I quietly led the rest of the class out of the room and the “victim” woke to a most startling revelation! It was really funny.” She described.
One of the things that makes Ms. Lawler a special teacher at Cam High is her High energy, positivity, and humorous  personality. When asked about what she will miss most about teaching, she responded, “I’ll miss laughing with the students the most, especially the ones who got my vague innuendos!
Retiring brings many emotions, some good, some bad. Lawler described it as “My emotions about retiring are mixed: bittersweet, nervous, anxious, but ecstatic at the same time.” It is sad to see such an amazing teacher retire, we wish the best for Ms. Lawler in her next chapter in life!