Wild Animals Terrorize Cam High


Cam high staff and students started to notice something unusual going on around campus on March 11th, 2022. Some students have found their homework being ripped up and some have reported seeing a figure running through the halls during class periods. Footprints have been found around the school. Some students have described this figure to be green and walk on four feet with a long tail drags behind it everywhere it goes. Others have said it was a yellow short figure with no arms. On March 21st, 2022 these figures came out of hiding and attacked students causing chaos around the school. Every corner you turn there are students screaming and running questioning their safety. Cam high student Shaelyn Burdette who is a survivor from an attack has said “I felt completely violated and worried. I hoped I would be okay after the attack.” Burdette was the first to get a clear look at these animals and has said them to be a big green dinosaur-like creature with yellow spots with big black eyes, while the other seems to look like a half car half duck monster. These animals do not hold back and have even started to attack teachers and have been seen riding in stolen staff golf carts. Campus supervisors along with administrators have been working day and night for the past three weeks trying to catch these creatures before this situation gets any worse.
On March 29th Cam high went into lockdown because of these creatures getting too out of hand. Students were scared, hiding in their dark, silent, barricaded classrooms hoping the monsters didn’t hear them gasp when they went around banging on every door. They were last seen running away from the school before anyone could even attempt to capture them. As things started to return to normal at cam high, again the animals came back on April 1st knocking over trash cans leaving trash and food everywhere. This time when the animals came back, Cam high students were prepared in hopes to bring things to go back to normal. Things continued to get worse throughout the day but Burdette built up the courage to finally put a stop to all the madness. Burdette was able to catch the two off guard sitting on a bench and took the risk of leaping to grab the two before they could get away. Burdette risked her life for the safety of Cam High and is now seen as our school’s hero for putting an end to the chaos.