Second Semester Club Rush: Promoting Student Involvement


Victor Dominguez

Cam High students begin to gather at the Quad just outside of the Cafeteria to attend Club Rush. Despite construction blocking most of the open space, all the clubs that wanted to attend were able to have a spot.

Cam High started its second semester by promoting school and community involvement through Club Rush, a biannual event sponsored by ASB (Associated Student Body), where many clubs and organizations can advertise to prospective members. Several new clubs not featured in last semester’s event made their debut, though some others chose not to make an appearance. The event provides an important platform for both large and small clubs looking to appeal to a wider audience. Despite the poor weather conditions, particularly the wind that continuously toppled the setups of various clubs, the event was a general success with the Quad being packed to the brim with excited students and club leaders.

Attendees of Club Rush enjoyed the event and were able to explore what Cam High has to offer. Many commented on how Club Rush presents a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved more in their school and community. “There are a lot more people than I thought because I was kind of assuming that ‘cause of construction literally nobody would be over here but there’s a lot of people. There’s been a few [new clubs] and it’s really cool to see that they’re getting traction along with the clubs that have already been around. So I think that’s good, that student participation is still a thing,” said Cam High junior Britanny Dolling.

Students that previously only explored other clubs to possibly join also had an opportunity to present their own new clubs and organizations. “It’s a different perspective for me because this is the first club that I’m making. So instead of being the one looking [to join] clubs, I’m the one looking for the people looking [to join clubs]. It’s honestly really fun. It’s also exciting whenever a person joins [our club], so Club Rush is really nice. It’s a great way to get people involved too.”

Many of the club representatives and leaders running the booths reported a good amount of sign-ups for their clubs and an overall positive experience. “I remember the first 10 minutes we got like a whole page of sign-ups. It’s really nice,” said Cam High sophomore Abagail Joseph, President of Law Society Club. Cam High freshman and president of the recently established Simply Sketch Drawing Club Lacey Curtis stated, “We’re doing pretty good, I mean like we’re getting a lot of signatures. As a freshman this is scary, but it’s not that scary after a bit.”

Some clubs had fun activities for people just passing by, such as the Girl Up Club which had a spinning wheel with prizes for those who joined their Remind (an application used by students, teachers, and clubs to communicate with each other). Others had displays such as Kiwin’s Club which had a photo album of events they had attended, or the Anime and Manga Club which played music from popular anime series and displayed manga. Others had sweets and treats like the Law Society Club, a club recently established for the 2022 spring semester, which had cupcakes.

Despite some minor complaints about the organization of Club Rush, students generally agree that the event was a success. For prospective club leaders and founders, they will most likely have to wait until the beginning of next semester for the 2022-2023 school year to advertise their clubs at the ASB-sponsored Club Rush.

The gallery below features many of the creative and fun booths that Cam High’s student leaders designed.