Scorps Spotlight 39: Dr. Fennell


Evan Tree

Dr. Fennell, new teacher at Cam High.

Coming back to Cam High, the school welcomed many new students, and teachers. One of these new teachers is Dr. Fennell, a new Social Sciences teacher. He teaches Ethnic Studies and U.S History.

Dr. Fennell earned his Education Doctorate from UCLA in 2019, but didn’t have the end goal of being a teacher at first, he was just interested in it. “Trying to do my best to have an impact on sort of the nature of America as a whole, I came to the discovery that unfortunately, most of what was happening in politics and in the law was not really impacting people’s lives in any way.” Fennell explained his thought process of his career choice. “I was searching for a way to really improve lives and help people get better, and I came to the conclusion that that was done for me through education.” 

Before working as a teacher at Cam High, Fennell had worked as a teacher at Santa Clara High School, an assistant principal at Moorpark High, a principal at Arroyo West Elementary, then as a principal in the High School at Moorpark College. Even when he was younger, he taught people during tutoring sessions.

Dr. Fennell didn’t know that he was going to get a job at Cam High, stating, “When I first applied for this job, I didn’t know it was specifically Cam High, I just knew that it was in OUHSD.” He says he was excited when he found out it was Cam High because he said, “I’m local here, this is the school my children might go to.”

Dr. Fennell has a will to inspire his students, viewing them and the campus positively as he continues this first year here at Cam High. His advice to students are, “Just work hard. don’t fake it. If you’re going to do it, actually do it, because if you’re faking it, you’re only cheating yourself.”

We welcome you to Cam High Dr. Fennell, and hope that you’ve enjoyed it so far and continue to do so! Be sure to say hello to Dr. Fennell if you see him around, and make him continue to feel a warm welcome from us Cam High students!