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Adolfo Camarillo High School's student-run news publication

The Stinger

Adolfo Camarillo High School's student-run news publication

The Stinger

Stinger Rewind: The Most Talked About Movies of 2021

Roxy Stadium 11 is a popular movie theatre in Camarillo where people can go enjoy many different types of movies. (Photo via Google)
Lexie Uc, Staff Writer December 31, 2021

In 2021, movie theaters began opening back up after the long-lasting quarantine that resulted from Covid-19. New films began to release again. Some were hits, and earned millions in revenue, while others did not land as well to the public. 2021 was a year for many to explore creativity in many ways,...

Stinger Rewind: Most Popular Albums Released in 2021

Album cover of Olivia Rodrigos SOUR
Sivana Harris, Staff Writer December 31, 2021

Music is one of the most influential and important things in our society. Music is everywhere, everyday, constantly being heard and talked about. In 2021, over 20,000 different types and genres of albums were released throughout the year. New and aspiring artists, and artists of many years of knowledge...

Stinger Rewind: Spotify Wrapped

Image featuring the opening to Spotify Wrapped stating: Ready for your 2021 Wrapped?
Victor Dominguez, Managing Editor December 31, 2021

What has practically become a "holiday" in all but name for many is the annual release of Spotify Wrapped, a long-standing tradition of the Spotify company.  Spotify Wrapped provides listeners with insight on their most played artists, songs, podcasts, and more using data collected from the beginning...

Stinger Rewind: Hottest Fashion Trends of 2021

Thrift shops became a popular place for people to find style pieces for their outfits. (Photo via Google)
Ella Gietzen, Staff Writer December 29, 2021

Over quarantine this year, most people changed not only their personalities and lifestyle, but their clothing as well. Covid-19 gave people a lot of time for self-reflection and re-evaluation, leading to new fashion trends throughout the year. As well as personal reflection, people also had the influence...

Stinger Rewind: Most Popular Video Games in 2021

Fortnites latest game update features a Spiderman skin players can buy to use in-game. (Photo courtesy Epic Games)
Brittany Dolling, News Editor December 29, 2021

Amidst a global pandemic, people from all over the country found themselves stuck in their homes, with not much to do besides school. Outdoor activities were limited, venues were closed, and there was virtually nowhere left to go in person. So, people turned to the next best thing; online games. Thousands...

Author Talk 2021: James Harlow on New Book, “Enralak”

Vice Principal Mr. Harlow reads some of his book, Enralak to students
Brittany Dolling, News Editor December 19, 2021

Cam High's library was full of over 200 students supporting their Vice Principal, Mr. Harlow, as he hosted an Author Talk on December 14th for his new book, Enralak. Harlow will be retiring as Cam High's Vice Principal at the end of the semester, but will continue to do something he loves- writing, and...

Cam High Middle School Math Competition

Students during the individual round of Math Clubs junior math competition.
Victor Dominguez, Managing Editor December 9, 2021

Thirty-two excited middle-school students from Monte Vista MS, Las Colinas MS, CAPE (Camarillo Academy of Progressive Education), Los Primeros School of Sciences and Arts, and Santa Rosa Technology Magnet gathered in two math classrooms at Cam High to participate in a puzzle math competition hosted by...

Lana Del Rey: Blue Banisters Album Review

Lana Del Rey: Blue Banisters Album Review
Sivana Harris, Staff Writer December 6, 2021

Lana Del Rey is an American singer-songwriter, actor, and model, mainly known for her music and lyricism. Her music is famous for telling heart-wrenching stories on romance, heartbreak, and glamour. Being a mainly "sad indie girl" artist and " creat[ing] a phenomenon and then continued to abandon it...

Scorps Spotlight 40: Zoe Gonzalez

Zoe Gonzalez, Student Representative to the Board of Trustees
Rafael Diaz, Staff Writer November 12, 2021

As Cam High continues into the new school year, the seniors are getting ready to finally finish school and pursue higher education. Along with those students is Zoe Gonzalez, a Senior at Cam High. She participates in many extracurricular activities, and is an important voice in the community. She is...

Cam High Student Ejected from Football Game for Waving a Mexican Flag

Cesar Perez shows off his Mexican flag after being ejected from the stadium.
Cain Tolley, Staff Writer November 11, 2021

Cam High Sophomore Cesar Perez was ejected from Cam High football's playoff game vs Milikan, as well as a man allegedly identified as Bob Gilbert on Friday, November 5th. The man had called Perez, who was carrying and waving around a Mexican flag, multiple slurs, and told him to "Go back to Mexico."...

Scorps Spotlight 39: Dr. Fennell

Dr. Fennell, new teacher at Cam High.
Serena Avila, Staff Writer November 5, 2021

Coming back to Cam High, the school welcomed many new students, and teachers. One of these new teachers is Dr. Fennell, a new Social Sciences teacher. He teaches Ethnic Studies and U.S History. Dr. Fennell earned his Education Doctorate from UCLA in 2019, but didn't have the end goal of being a teacher...

Expensive vs. Inexpensive: How Much Should We Spend on Clothes/Shoes?

Expensive vs. Inexpensive: How Much Should We Spend on Clothes/Shoes?
Ella Gietzen and Nigel Webster October 27, 2021

If there is one thing that most parents and children can testify to, it is that name brand clothes and shoes are pretty pricey. We are going to go into detail about the history of these clothes, and why they are either inexpensive, or alternatively, expensive. Brands such as Vans, Nike, Converse, and...

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