Stinger Rewind: Hottest Fashion Trends of 2021


Thrift shops became a popular place for people to find style pieces for their outfits. (Photo via Google)

Over quarantine this year, most people changed not only their personalities and lifestyle, but their clothing as well. Covid-19 gave people a lot of time for self-reflection and re-evaluation, leading to new fashion trends throughout the year. As well as personal reflection, people also had the influence of social media platforms and the internet to change up their style.

Throughout the year, not only did new fashion trends emerge, but older ones came back in popularity as well. 90’s trends in particular made a hot comeback this year. Mom jeans, sweater vests, overalls, slip dresses, and “grandpa sweaters” were all clothing pieces that became relevant in 2021 fashion.

Drastic style changes also emerged on social media for millions to see and adopt as their own. One style that gained lots of popularity before the summer months was the “Alternative Style”. This style mainly consists of darker clothes, earthy tones, chains, and intense makeup. Some clothing staples of this included Demonia Boots, fishnets, and skirts. This style gained popularity on TikTok, and quickly became trendy with the youth.

As well as the Alternative Style, another style that emerged in 2020, and continued to grow in popularity in 2021 was the Indie Style. This fashion style originally consisted of grunge clothing, mom jeans, denim clothes, striped shirts, and revolved around music. As the year progressed, the style shifted and changed into a more modern form. This newer form of Indie that gained popularity includes bright colors, 90’s clothing, and especially baggy jeans paired with a smaller top.

Trends influenced by the 90’s era weren’t the only comeback that was made this year in fashion. Early 2000’s clothing made a huge comeback as well, having stayed stayed the longest trend this year so far. This trendy style includes clothing such as low rise jeans, yoga pants, cropped shirts, tennis skirts, and even tracksuits.

Style trends weren’t the only things that emerged this year. Types of individual clothes gained popularity too, not belonging to any set fashion set. Some of these clothes are straight leg jeans, crop tops, overalls, and puffer jackets. Anna Gietzen, sophomore at Cam High, pointed out one of these pieces, stating, “A trend I really liked seeing was black puffer jackets. I think they look cool and its a classic piece. I see quite a few people wearing them around school on colder days.”

This year brought lots of change for the fashion industry. From bringing back style trends that were created in the 90’s, to reminiscing the clothing style of the 2000’s, people in 2021 created a look for themselves that they loved. With 2022 coming up, it is only expected that fashion will go through more changes, and people will get to see what the new year will bring.