Taste and Tell #13: Chester’s Asia Chinese Restaurant


Jonah Arellano

Chester’s Mongolian beef with green onions.

Chester’s Asia Chinese Restaurant — opened in 1963 in the Pickwick Shopping Center — features Mandarin, Cantonese, and Szechuan cuisine.

The restaurant has been a staple of Camarillo dining for 55 years and recently won a readers’ choice award for the best Chinese food in West Ventura County by the Ventura County Star 2018. Most of the dishes at Chester’s are meat-based and have sides such as vegetables, rice, and noodles. However, the restaurant also offers vegan and vegetarian options.

The Experience

I went to Chester’s after school on Friday, March 15 at 3:00 P.M.

The first thing that I noticed were the awards at the front desk and the aesthetics of the interior decorations, which were unique, beautiful, and unlike any restaurant in Camarillo. It reminded me of some of my favorite Asian cuisine restaurants in Los Angeles because of the marvelous pillars and vibrant colors. I could tell that the staff cared about presentation.

After being seated, I was served chow mein chips with a side of horseradish mustard and hot tea. The waitress was very accommodating for the entirety of the meal. I noticed that not too many people were in the restaurant at the time, so I was able to enjoy my tea in peace.

The decor and ambiance led me to enjoy my time at Chester’s even before receiving my meal.

The Food

After reading over the menu, I ordered hot and sour soup and the Mongolian beef with green onions. The small hot and sour soup was $3.50 and the Mongolian beef was $12.95.

I could not identify everything that was in the hot and sour soup, but I loved the flavors. The broth of the soup was relatively thick in consistency while retaining light, savory flavors. The soup had a mild spice that added a generous amount of heat to the dish.

The Mongolian beef was tender and served with green and white onions. The simple sides of the Mongolian beef were fried rice and an egg roll. I enjoyed the Mongolian beef dish in its entirety because it embodied the ‘umami’ taste.

I was not disappointed with the prices due to the large portions of the dishes. I was not able to finish the Mongolian beef, and I took the leftovers home to eat later.


In my opinion, Chester’s Asia Chinese restaurant resembled those in Chinatown because of the stunning food and visuals. I think that the recipes for Chester’s are very traditional and manage to appeal to a modern audience. I would love to visit again with a group of friends.