The End of Senior Year


Looking back on these four years there’s been many highlights and obstacles. With Covid impacting our sophomore to junior year that made it difficult for many students and families but I think everyone became closer. I think everyone learned how to appreciate each other more and look at the bright side. I’ve been able to see everyone grow around me and that has been an awesome experience. From being a little scared  freshman and not knowing what to expect in high school to right now graduating has blown my mind. You really don’t realize how fast time goes when your parents say cherish this time, it will go by fast.

To sophomore year creating new friendships I would’ve never expected and making the most memorable memories. Having everyone gather at football games and not having to deal with clicks with groups but to all join in as one and celebrate for our own team. Then to become a Junior and having to experience saying goodbye to the senior class that you have been with since freshman year whether they were watching over you or teasing you it was still hard to watch them leave. Now seeing all of these individuals grow up around me trying to decide what they want to do after high school. I love seeing everyone’s paths whether it’s college, a gap year or the military. All of their talents shined through what they are going to do. As much as I’m excited for the future and summer it makes me sad that this will be the last time I will be in school with some of these people. I wish the best to every senior. Good luck Scorps!