What’s Next for Naturally Green: One of Cam High’s Biggest Clubs


Neha Nandakumar

Naturally Green Members on Hike

One of Cam High’s most popular clubs on campus, Naturally Green, has kicked off the club this school year. The club’s main focus is keeping the community, on and off campus, as environmentally friendly and healthy as possible, all while encouraging sustainability.

Naturally Green’s mission statement, located on their website, states, ”We will work to make a positive impact on the environment, both at our community level and on a worldwide scale. It is our intention to make worldwide changes by diligently working on a smaller scale and by taking opportunities to make bigger changes as they come. We will increase awareness of environmental issues, volunteer, and host fundraisers and organized events. As club members, we will take recreational outings and generally contribute to our community as we are capable.”

The group of students is led by Cam High history teacher Tawney Safran. She has been the club advisor for 13 years. The club meets every other Tuesday in T-8. The club mostly hosts get-togethers, such as hikes, climbs, drives, and beach cleanups.

The team of Cam High students has accomplished numerous activities in a sustainable manner this school year, including a beach cleanup, a Halloween costume drive, and a few local hikes.

Naturally Green just finished spreading  joy with their ”Spreading Smiles Homeless Shelter Drive.” The drive was accepting drop offs in N-3 throughout the week of October 25th through the 31st. The following items are highly encouraged to donating: Soap, socks, kids toys, toothpaste, hygiene products, canned foods, blankets, feminine products, and much more. All donations were donated to the Ventura County Rescue Mission. Students even receive one hour of community service for every five items donated.

Another current drive the club put together is the Halloween Costume Drive. Also located in N-3, the drive took place the week of Halloween. Every costume donated was for one full hour of community service. Each accessory counted for 30 minutes of service. Both drives are a great way to give back to the community, practice being eco-friendly, and  gain community service hours while being sustainable.

Despite the many accomplishments the club has already achieved, the club has a lot on their agenda. They are currently working on a three-tier bin trash system with AP Biology students and the school, mural painting, bamboo utensils, composting, and Hydro-flasks.

Zoe Gonzales, senior at Cam High, and Co-president of Naturally Green explained her favorite aspects of the club: “My favorite aspects about Naturally Green are probably being able to integrate sustainability and environmental awareness into our meetings and interactive activities.” Gonzales later elaborated on whats in store for this year, stating, “Some future projects we will be conducting are monthly hikes and beach cleanups, partnership with Camarillo Art Center for garden maintenance and general refurbishing of the establishment (twice a month), Earth Week, and hopefully an educational field trip in the second semester.” Erika Wu, Co-president, and Senior at Cam High elaborated on her favorite aspects of the club as well. She explained she enjoys ” Educating students on the importance of being environmentally conscious. One plastic bottle at a time!” Wu explained how in the future the club hopes to see there trash bin system in the cafeteria.

These events are just a couple of many that raise awareness, preach sustainability, and bring joy to the community in a naturally green way.