Which Girl Scout Cookie Is the Best?


For decades, selling Girl Scout cookies has been an iconic American tradition. As spring approaches, the annual Girl scout cookie season arises. Which leaves the age old debate of which cookie is truly the best.

With over 11 different flavors, its difficult to narrow it down to just one. Each cookie holds its own unique flavor, which strikes a hard decision to make. A group of 5 Cam High students were asked their personal favorite cookie flavor, and the results were no where near surprising.

Out of these 5 Students, 4 selected the Infamous Thin Mint cookies, over any other flavor. So what makes these cookies, so desirable? Anna Gietzen, Sophomore at Cam High said, “The thin mints have always been my favorite solely because of the flavor. I’m a huge fan of mint and chocolate, so the two mixed together is just perfect. Its also really nice because you can freeze them, which makes them, last longer, and honestly taste even better.” Gietzen went on to explain, “They also have the most cookies in each boxed compared to the others. Thin mints give you two full sleeves per box, where as most of the other cookies only offer like 12 cookies.”

Agreeing with most, I find the Thin mints to be the superior cookie. As a Girl scout, over the years I’ve observed that most people tend to lean towards these delicious cookies the most each year. I think that these cookies have such a high demand due to the fact that they have a unique and distinct flavor, they are easy to store, and provide the most cookies out of the rest.

Although Thin Mints  seem to take the cake in this debate, the second most popular cookie flavor, are the iconic Samosas. These cookies have almost always been in close running with the Thin Mints, due to their classic and unfailing taste. Some may argue that the Samosas are better than the Thin Mints , however I beg to differ.

These cookies are a timeless and original flavor. They began to gain extreme popularity over the past couple years, and now have become a top seller. Kadyn Ito, Sophomore at Cam High, and 11 year Girl Scout explained, “For me, I would always sell the most Thin Mints…”. These delectable cookies are a chocolate covered cookie, made with a perfect clash of mint. To finish it off, they’re coated with a light minty chocolate layer. Creating a tasty and almost refreshing cookie. I find the Thin Mints to be the best cookie flavor, and I’m sure many could agree.