Should Political Propaganda be Allowed in Classrooms?


Although some people believe that politics are a means of educated the future generations about national matters, others believe that politics have no place in the classroom, and belong solely in the media and White House.

Politics is something that has raised more and more attention in the youth than ever before. People can show their support for certain parties or politicians by sporting political propaganda such as bumper stickers, posters, signs, and even flags. While students have more reign to show their support, teachers are not really allowed to. So, the question is this: Should teachers be allowed to show their support for political things in their classrooms?

In my opinion, political propaganda has no place in classrooms or any kind of educational environment, but I still have no personal issue with it as long as it does not affect the way we are taught or treated during class hours. I cannot say the same for the rest of the youth slandering on the faculty because of the political propaganda in our schools today. An example of that here at Cam High is where one of the teachers displays his opinion with his political propaganda hung around his classroom, leading students to talk badly about the teacher. All of it has caused a big controversy between the students and the faculty. 

Because of the big divide between the students here at Cam High solely based on political views, I asked for opinions from both points of views. Interviewing several students I talked to Cam High Junior Ian Rosas. When asked if he takes political propaganda at Cam High personally, he answered, “Yes, I do take it personally, only because I am at an age where I can be vulnerable to being manipulated and brainwashed, and dictate my ways of thinking.” Another example of propaganda at Cam High is one of the clubs called “Conservatives on Campus”, where members of our school displayed Trump flags and Blue Lives Matter flags. Even with the school getting more and more strict with politics, this is a club they have done nothing about and see no problem with, as staff members have the same political views. 

It brings up the thought of what they would do if there was another club called “Liberals on Campus.” Would staff treat them the same way they treat Conservatives on Campus, allowing them to display Biden-Harris flags or Black Lives Matter flags, or would that be not allowed because they disagree with those student’s views? If certain political propaganda is allowed on campus, then all types of it should be allowed, not just the ones that the majority may agree with.

As time passes and the year goes on, we get to see how this club will progress, or how students and staff alike will react to propaganda. What do you think? Should students and staff be allowed to equally show their support for their politicians or parties, or should it be banned from schools entirely?