Justice League: The Snyder Cut(2021) Revives Fans’ Hope in DCEU


photo courtesy of GamesRadar.

Zach Snyder’s Justice League revived the hope of the DCEU (DC extended universe) being a major contender to the recent Marvel movies. It has given many fans what they have been asking for years, and it certainly did not disappoint.

Zach Snyder is the director of the original Justice League (2017),  but because of the Warner Bros. Studio, his version did not make it to theatres. They were forced to cut many important scenes, and made the movie feel very rushed, which took away the potential of it being great. Warner Bros. have not been using the great characters of the DC Comics to the extent to which they could be. In movies like Justice League(2017), Batman V Superman(2016), and Wonder Woman 1984(2020), they have not given these characters proper recognition, unlike their rival studio, Marvel, who has made an amazingly complex universe of live action films for their characters.

The fans of DC were very happy upon the release of this Director’s cut since they knew that Zach Snyder had an inspiring vision of the movie. He was directing the masterpiece, and his true vision could be seen in the four full hours of this movie. This movie also ended in a big cliffhanger, but as of right now, Zach Snyder and Warner Bros. are not interested in making a direct sequel for that movie, even though it, according to Korea Portal, made, “650 million, and even counting” in the first week that it has been released. In comparison, the original Justice League made less than that in the four years it has been released.

This movie was everything that the original could not be. It was exciting, slower pace, dived into the characters much more thoroughly, the plot was easy to understand, and it showed many missing scenes in the movie that the other failed to do. This has brought fans back into DC, after letting Marvel take the live action superhero spotlight for a few years now, with a couple exceptions like Wonder Woman(2017), Birds of Prey(2020), and a few other movies.

Zach Snyder has dug himself out of the hole after being blamed for the box office flop of the original movie, proving that he was not to be blamed. HBO spent $70 million for this new version, and it has already payed itself off by adding more than a million new subscribers to their growing streaming platform.