The Poor Conditions of the Theater Classroom



Much of the drama equipment is old and the room is generally unorganized and dirty.

The drama room at Cam High is currently a disaster. This is the school theater found in building D, near the classroom “D-3”.
This room is in poor condition and has not been cleaned for years largely due to the Covid-19 shutdown. The locker room area is a total mess, you can find books all over the room, random papers, play scripts, emails, pictures from plays from previous years, old tools, paint, and wood. It is hard to determine what is still in good enough condition to continue using.

The conditions in which this room is found are deplorable. It is hard to decide where to even begin. What is useful? What is garbage? How did the theater room even get in this condition in the first place?

Drama student, Yajary Viguerias, Junior student at the Cam High  explained “It’s disgusting that the room stays in these conditions, but  now our group is rehearsing for a play and I’m on the prop team, and it’s really bad what you can find here, it really all looks like crap.” As a drama student that is also involved in the prop team, it is sad to see the theater stay in such conditions. Throughout the room, you can see a lot of things left behind by previous drama students. Things from up to 5  years ago remain as memories and now are just trash. The theater is in dire need of a remodel. They can start to remodel the stage, the walls of this stage are not safe, and this stagger. The staff  can take off or put a new walls with a better support. The second thing that they need to do is that the all things that not works thrown away, because is trash, change the windows, clean all room (is gross). About the costumes also thrown away, only if this not works or are very old, because honestly in my opinion, for any reason I will don’t wear the dirty clothes, is gross. And in the end about the all books that are there, we can move to the library, do a donation of books, or thrown  away.

After having an interview with the drama teacher Mr. Stolte says that “the theater room is not in a good organization since it has been in different hands for years, but it has good equipment of lighting”, the teacher spoke with Mr.Labell and when the building is remodeled, the theater room will also be remodeled and they will change those windows that they painted black, they will change them for windows that help or suit the school theater better.