Cam High’s New Cryptocurrency


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A bunch of ScorpCOINs (Not recolored Bitcoin)

As one of the most long-awaited for events comes near, the staff here at Cam High has other and bigger news to give to all the students, parents and guardians involved with the school. A secret QR code could only be accessed if found in hidden spots around campus or on a stream that ended on March 31st at 8:00 PST. Using the only clue that was given was in the description of the stream, which was “Blue Shine,” we were able to access an embed link that lead to a website selling a so-called “ScorpCOIN”

ScorpCOIN is the first school-created and Camarillo-Made-Certified cryptocurrency. It was released at the already given date of March 31st. ScorpCOIN, which clearly stands for Scorpions’ Committed Ongoing Infrastructural Nurturing, is set to have a value of no less than 800 billion US Dollars. The Stinger investigative team was overjoyed when we cracked the code and learned the news. “It was hard but, we cracked it. We did it!” from, Martii Trigintaa, a super senior at Cam High.

Nothing has been heard confirming or denying ScorpCOIN’s existence from Mr. LaBelle or any school staff. But with every teacher getting “Ya gotta believe” merch and students getting free shirts recently, it wouldn’t be such a wild idea.

We can only assume what great things this new crypto currency will achieve for the market and our school. Speculation suggests that it could be used as an additional city official currency and accepted by many local businesses like Lalo’s, Burger Barn. Or even by some big companies that have decided to help out our school like McDonald’s and Starbucks.

The future will only come to us and we shall wait, always remember. Ya gotta believe, specially if it’s something from the internet!