Formalizing the Formal


Photo by: Rhiannan Ruef

Senior Christian Willey and junior Nicole Weems pose for the crowd at this year’s Winter Formal fashion show.

After several months of planning, Cam High’s ASB remains busy arranging the final details for Cam High’s first Winter Formal Dance.

The winter-wonderland themed dance will take place on Jan. 31 from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. in San Miguel Hall at Ventura County Fairgrounds, with tickets selling at $25 for those with an all-access pass and $35 without. Prices are expected to go up starting Jan. 16.

According to Mr. Michaeltore Smith, ASB adviser, last year’s winter formal did not come together the way ASB originally wanted it to. “It wasn’t really much of a Winter Formal. It ended up being a smaller dance and things didn’t come together,” said Smith. “Just listening to students last year and this year, there has been more of a push to actually have more of a homecoming event.”

Nevertheless, Smith believes that this year’s formal will be a success compared to last year’s, which was advertised as a “Mardi Party” and cancelled due to a lack of ticket sales. “I have a good feeling… [we] have an actual recording artist and dance venue,” said Smith. “I think [tickets] are going to sell out.”

Smith said that the actual planning of the Winter Formal for this year started right when the ASB returned to school in the fall. This year, there will be an actual traditional winter court nominated by teachers instead of students.

Kyle Gonzan, ASB president, expressed excitement over the themed attractions. “Basically right now, I know we’re getting an ice sculpture of Olaf being made. We’re having caricature artists, photo booths, cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, and things like that. We’re also having the entire room being dressed up by a lighting company.” Gonzan said that there will be decorations along the interior to make the event more formal.

Some Cam High students are optimistic about the fact that the school is having its first Winter Formal.

“I’m pretty excited that the dance is back and that I can go this year. The surprise music act is going to be pretty cool. I’m wondering who it is,” said Josalyn Cao, junior.

Contact ASB for tickets and more information.