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The finals schedule, posted on most classroom walls, follows the pattern periods 5 and 6, 1 and 3, and 2 and 4.

Finals schedule: something we never questioned

Sophia Cheong, Features Editor January 25, 2016

Since most staff members can remember, Cam High's finals week has followed an unconventional schedule. The week begins with periods five and six on the first day, one and three on the second day, and...

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Due to discrepancies in the administration of the test, several APUSH students decided to retake the APUSH exam on Wednesday, May 20 in the Cam High library.

Controversy surrounds supervision of APUSH exam

Sophia Cheong, Staff Writer May 21, 2015

Cam High's APUSH (AP U.S. History) students were frustrated with the school-provided proctors' allegedly inaccurate managing of time during the essay portion of the APUSH exam last Friday. Students...

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The Cam High class of 2013 celebrating graduation.

Good-bye high school, hello college

Sophia Cheong, Staff Writer May 15, 2015

Graduation season is approaching anew. It's an emotional time for many seniors, as they reminisce about their four years of stress, joy, obstacles, times of failure, moments of success, and much more....

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Prom, which is held May 2, will feature seniors and invited guests in their finery like this prom dress. But some students say that, like the dress, the event is too expensive and too over-hyped.

Prom is coming: Is it worth going?

Sophia Cheong, Staff Writer April 21, 2015

Although prom is an established high school tradition, some Cam High students cite financial reasons as the most significant factor in their decision not to attend the upcoming event. The iconic last...

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Trio is a new app that allows users to produce mash ups of various social media sites.

The next Instagram?

Sophia Cheong, Staff Writer April 6, 2015

Something old is becoming something new. Misha Leybovich, the CEO of a new app called "Trio," created a unique app that has very different intentions compared to other popular social media apps. Trio...

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Zack Thatcher, junior, acts out his anguish as he practices for the upcoming play.

Drama department prepares to take the stage

Sophia Cheong and Brendon Guizar March 18, 2015

Cam High's budding actors are now just days away from the opening of their annual spring production. The students will be enacting Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, directed by Mr. Richard Winterstein. The...

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White bags are located in all Cam High classrooms to collect donations for the Goodwill Clothing Drive.

Goodwill Hunting

Sophia Cheong, Staff Writer March 17, 2015

Sophomore Jordyn Yokoyama, aided by juniors Bhavika Bhagat and Cristina Farias, is collecting clothing donations for the Goodwill Drive that they began planning in early January. The girls are holding...

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The ACHS Music Program practices for their annual Tootles and Noodle dinner, to be held this Friday at the Camarillo Community Center.

Raising dough and money

Sophia Cheong, Staff Writer February 23, 2015

Hoping to entice the community with the power of pasta and performance, the ACHS Music Boosters aim to raise $7500 with Tootles and Noodles, their biggest annual spring fundraiser. The event will include...

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Kaitie Farrell, senior and fourth-year attorney, conducts direct examination on her witness.

Crunch time in the court room

Sophia Cheong, Staff Writer February 4, 2015

Team Scorpion, one of the two Cam High mock trial teams, prepared for their upcoming state-wide competition by participating in their third scrimmage at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. The scrimmage...

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Senior Christian Willey and junior Nicole Weems pose for the crowd at this years Winter Formal fashion show.

Formalizing the Formal

Sophia Cheong, Staff Writer January 16, 2015

After several months of planning, Cam High's ASB remains busy arranging the final details for Cam High's first Winter Formal Dance. The winter-wonderland themed dance will take place on Jan. 31 from...

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Students in Ms. Garcias French 2 class work on their online final in the language lab.

Final Thoughts

Pencils sharpened and at the ready. Late night study sessions in progress, cramming is always a last minute possibility. Prep books and study sheets in hand. As students enter through their classroom...

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Ariana Espinosa, winner of the Christopher Columbus essay, was awarded by the Daughters of the American Revolution for her outstanding essay submission.

Profiting from Prose: Ariana Espinosa wins essay contest

Sophia Cheong, Staff Writer December 18, 2014

Cam High sophomore Ariana Espinosa recently won the Conejo Valley Chapter's Christopher Columbus essay contest, and will now compete at the district level of the competition. Daughters of the American...

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