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Adolfo Camarillo High School's student-run news publication

The Stinger

Adolfo Camarillo High School's student-run news publication

The Stinger

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Matthew La Belle will serve as Cam Highs new principal, starting with the 2019-2020 school year.

OUHSD Appoints Cam High’s New Principal and Administration

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer May 23, 2019

The Oxnard Union High School District announced Cam High's new principal and administration for the 2020-2021 school year on May 15, 2019. Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rocky Valles contacted Cam High's...

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ACS WASC logo.
Credit: Official WASC website.

State Committee Seeks to Accredit Cam High

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer April 30, 2019

Six years have passed, and Cam High is required to be reevaluated from the visiting committee of Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) to assess school...

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The first picture of a black hole.

A New Horizon: the First Photograph of a Black Hole

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer April 24, 2019

Scientists recently captured the first image of a black hole that is 6.5 billion times larger than the sun and from the super galaxy Messier 87 (M87). In 1781, M87 was discovered by French astronomer...

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Jonny Samaan helping Justin Terryberry with the T-Shirt Press.

Senior Scorpion Spotlight #1: Jonny Samaan

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer April 12, 2019

Jonny Samaan, senior at Cam High, is known to be a very sociable person with an infectious laugh and a friendly smile. Samaan joined Cam High's Business and Technology Academy (BATA) during his freshman...

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This schedule shows an example of a block schedule. On day A, students would have periods 1, 3, 5. On day B, students would have periods 2, 4, 6.

Cam High’s Staff Discusses Switching to Block Schedule Next Year

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer April 8, 2019

Recently, Cam High's faculty has discussed the possibility of adopting a block schedule for the 2019-2020 school year. Block scheduling is an alternate type of academic scheduling where not all classes...

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Work Experience teacher Geoffrey Aronsky recently took a leave of absence for health reasons.

Cam High’s Aronsky Takes Leave for Medical Reasons

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer February 8, 2019

Work Experience and QuickBooks teacher Mr. Geoffrey Aronsky recently took a leave of absence after Winter Break due to illness. Aronsky requested that his current situation and location not be fully...

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Lead Custodian Jesus Chewie Cervantes now works at Oxnard High School.

Scorps Spotlight 30: Mr. Jesus Cervantes

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer February 5, 2019

Lead Custodian Jesus "Chuy" Cervantes's last day at Cam High was on Jan. 31, after working at the school for almost 15 years. A party was held in his honor the day of his departure to Oxnard High School,...

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Electric cars like Teslas models are an alternative to conventionally powered vehicles.

An Electrifying Movement

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer January 17, 2019

As time progresses and fossil fuel reserves decline, the automobile industry is looking for more cost efficient and renewable ways to power vehicles. There are various types of renewable electricity:...

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One of seven lambs recently birthed at Cam High. These lambs are being raised by Cam Highs AG program.

New Additions to Cam High’s Agricultural Program

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer January 10, 2019

The Agricultural Program, one of Cam High’s academies, recently gained seven new lambs -- which includes a pair of male and female twins -- adding to the current roster of pig, goat and ewes. Six...

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Cam Highs AcaDeca team in their first scrimmage on Dec. 8 at the Ventura County Office of Education.

Cam High’s Academic Teams Receive New Leadership

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer December 14, 2018

Last year, Cam High's Academic Decathlon (AcaDeca) and Geography Bowl (Geo Bowl) programs were led by Mr. Douglas Harris, but as he no longer works at Cam High, the teams are now advised by Ms. Tawney...

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Cam High honored Cody Coffman, a 2015 graduate of Cam High, and victims of the Thousand Oaks mass shooting during the CIF Football game on Friday night.

Remembering the Victims of the Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer November 27, 2018

A mass shooting took place at Thousand Oak's Borderline Grill & Bar on Nov. 7 when a U.S. Marine Corps veteran opened fire on employees and customers, killing 12 people before taking his own life. First-responder...

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Photo by: Enrico Magtoto

Cam high in the aftermath of a water line break begins cleaning up later that same day.

Flash Report: Water Works at Cam High

Enrico Magtoto, Staff Writer October 11, 2018

Cam High's Oct. 8 school day was cancelled due to a burst in the sprinkler system located between the office building and the H building. Parents were notified through email, voicemail, and text, with...

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