Scorps Spotlight 30: Mr. Jesus Cervantes


Tawney Safran

Lead Custodian Jesus “Chewie” Cervantes now works at Oxnard High School.

Lead Custodian Jesus “Chuy” Cervantes’s last day at Cam High was on Jan. 31, after working at the school for almost 15 years.

A party was held in his honor the day of his departure to Oxnard High School, his new workplace.

Cervantes started working at Cam High during the 2004-2005 school year. “I’m gonna miss the teachers, the students, I’m gonna miss everything.”

The reason Cervantes transferred is primarily because Oxnard High School is closer to his house and it will be more convenient for him to commute. However, Cervantes job position will remain the same. “I’m going to Oxnard High School and I’m going to do the same thing like here.” Cervantes does not expect to see a big shift in the school environment. He said, “Kids are kids. They’re all the same everywhere you go, it’ll be fine and interesting.”

Cam High’s Librarian, Ms. Heidi Resnik was Cervantes’s teacher during his freshman English as a Second Language class at Hueneme High school in 1988.

“Jesus was always quiet and always very respectful and a joy to have in class. I see Chuy as one of the prominent leaders of Camarillo High school and kind of a quiet leader, he’s responsive and has great ideas. I’m going to miss Chuy’s smile, he has a great smile and a great energy about him that I’m definitely gonna miss him,” said Resnik.

Special Education Teacher and Developer, Mr. Brian Murphy, complimented Cervantes’s work. “I’ve been into a couple of campuses and I’ve never seen a campus that runs as good as this place and having a polite nice guy with a good attitude come and help you so we’re really going to miss him,” said Murphy.

Social Science teacher, Mr. Shawn Near, said, “[Cervantes has] done a great job for Camarillo High school, making sure that the things that are broken get fixed, and advocate for improvements in landscaping.”

“I’m looking for to my last [career] challenge for the next 10 years,” said Cervantes.

The administration has not announced who will fill the position of lead custodian.