Cam High’s Aronsky Takes Leave for Medical Reasons


Work Experience teacher Geoffrey Aronsky recently took a leave of absence for health reasons.

Work Experience and QuickBooks teacher Mr. Geoffrey Aronsky recently took a leave of absence after Winter Break due to illness.

Aronsky requested that his current situation and location not be fully revealed to respect his privacy.

Aronsky started working at Cam High in the 2017-2018 school year, teaching an economics class for the newly formed Business And Technology Academy (BATA). He took on a QuickBooks class in the 2018-2019 as well as Work Experience.

Aronsky taught for three years in New York and two years in New Jersey, before moving to Florida to work at AT&T. He helped develop caller ID at AT&T while also working as an instructor at Fort Lauderdale Schools. After retiring from AT&T, Aronsky taught full time at Fort Lauderdale before moving to Valencia to teach for 10 years. He taught for five years in Las Vegas before coming to Cam High.

Aronsky was diagnosed with colon cancer a few years ago, but he hopes to continue working. “As soon as my doc gives me the ok I plan on running back [to school]. All the students are my kids and I miss them all greatly. Every student and staff member is special and I consider [them to be] my second family. Hope to see you all soon!”

In the meantime, other BATA teachers will be covering his classes. “Mr. Jackson and I are taking over work experience, so we’re kind of figuring it out right now and I also took over teaching QuickBooks,” said Mr. John Foster, the head of BATA .

Web design, multimedia, and BATA teacher, Mr. Jeff Jackson said, “I think he’s in hospice care, at least for the rest of this year,” said Jackson, “Mr. Foster and I are taking over work experience and splitting it, there’s three classes.”

Currently, no one occupies Aronsky’s classroom, and it is uncertain when Aronsky will return to teaching.