Scorps Spotlight 24: Mr. Daryl Myers


Dante Bernhardt

Mr. Myers directing drama during sixth period.

Mr. Daryl Myers is one of several new staff members at Cam High during the 2018-2019 school year, teaching English two as well as drama.

Myers was born and raised in Ventura, but he earned his teaching credentials from the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating from college and getting his English major, Myers planned to attend law school, but he applied for a teaching position at local Saint Bonaventure High School instead.

Myers was hired and worked there for three years. He eventually left for a job in Public Relations at a technology company in the Bay Area but returned to Saint Bonaventure for another three years while taking classes to get his teaching credentials from UC Berkley.

Now, Myers is in his 18th year of teaching. Prior to teaching English two and drama classes, Myers taught seventh and eighth grade English as well as two digital media classes — which he named 21st Century Writing and Digital Media — at Monte Vista Middle School.

Myers was excited to hear about the job opening at Cam High. “[It was] a brilliant opportunity that came up, and it’s something that’s really exciting for me too. It’s a new position to teach,” said Myers. He is gradually adjusting to the environment at Cam High but is astounded by the passion and dedication of all the staff.

“It’s really been amazing here, the kids, the fellow teachers. There’s an excitement here, there’s an energy here. Everyone’s really passionate and very much dedicated to the work we do and the community that we have here at this school,” said Myers.

As a new staff member, Myers’s focus is to learn from his co-workers in the English department. He said, “My goal as a contributor is to learn from the great teachers that we do have here.” He also wants to help introduce new, modernized concepts into English classes like digital media and social media.

Myers’s favorite part of teaching is working and interacting with students. He primarily focuses on the development of his students’ writing skills and often uses the phrase”Writer for Life,” — which he uses to show students how writing is an outlet for expression. Myers has different expectations from his students now that he is dealing with an older age group. He expects more from his students in terms of responsibility, maturity level, and work ethic.

Thus far, Myers is satisfied with how the school year started. “It couldn’t have gone better,” said Myers, in regards to his first month at Cam High.