Flash Report: Water Works at Cam High


Photo by: Enrico Magtoto Cam high in the aftermath of a water line break begins cleaning up later that same day.

Cam High’s Oct. 8 school day was cancelled due to a burst in the sprinkler system located between the office building and the H building.

Parents were notified through email, voicemail, and text, with the first messages sent out at 6:14 A.M. the morning of. Parents were continually updated throughout the day until 1:16 P.M. when the issue was resolved. The school day was originally set to be a minimum day for Back to School Night.

Principal Dr. Kim Stephenson was informed through a message from the Camarillo Sheriff’s Department. After receiving the message, Stephenson contacted the operations team, the water district and the Camarillo Fire Department. “We went through a lot of emergency protocols” said Stephenson.

When interviewed prior to the fix, Stephenson said, “We’re trying to make everything as safe as possible for tonight [Back to School Night], so we’re trying to help evaporate, and cone off and caution tape off some of the wet areas.” The water leak was fixed later that day and Back to School Night proceeded as planned.

Some teachers used the extra time to catch up on work. Ms. Heidi Resnik, the school librarian, organized library bookshelves and shelved books that recently arrived. “I did not know [school was cancelled], but Ms. Nakamoto — we’re neighbors — and she texted me if I received notice that the school was closed today, but I thought it was a hoax.”

Students at Cam High enjoyed the day off. “I see it as a time to relax and distress, because it gives me more time to study,” said senior, Mikaela Maglaque.

A similar incident occurred four years ago (Feb. 27, 2014), “[the past water issue] was also outside, and it was irrigation last time as well” said Stephenson when asked how similar the previous water leak was.

The water leak also halted the practices of all athletic programs since teams were unable to practice on campus as long as the water was out. Practices resumed later that day when the pipe was fixed.

Currently, it is unknown if the missed school day will need to be made-up.