Water Main Break Closes Cam High


Cam High Principal Glenn Lipman talks to maintenance workers at site of water leak on Cam High Campus Thursday.

UPDATED-see below for rest of story:

According to Jesus Cervantes, maintenance supervisor at Cam High, the water pipes burst randomly. “The water was gushing out of a three-inch hole. The reason why is that pressured water always want to escape. With the new pool, we shut the water off and then turning it back on could have caused it,” said Jesus.

Dr. Kim Stepheson added that repairs on the leak were finished by 1 pm Thursday.

Mr. Glenn Lipman, principal, was not available for comment.


Update: According to officials, the water main has been repaired and athletic teams may suit up for practice as scheduled. Cam High will be open Friday, Feb. 28.

Early today around 9:35 am, in the midst of second period, an announcement was made detailing a break of the water main near the ‘B’ and ‘C’ area of campus.

This marks the first incident in at least 17 years where school was cancelled due to a water main break. In February of 1997, school was cancelled due to a severe rainstorm that flooded the campus.

According to Cam High maintenance worker Alex Navaro, “[repair work] will be done by noon.” No major damage has been reported, but the area is flooded by a few inches of water and extremely muddy. California Education Law stipulates that if no fresh water is available to students for more than three hours, schools are to close and students to be sent home. The Stinger will update this story as it progresses.

Cam High’s campus is officially closed until Friday, Feb. 28 according to Mr. Glenn Lipman, principal.  At the time of the morning announcement, five individuals were working to fix the water main in time for classes Friday.