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Adolfo Camarillo High School's student-run news publication

The Stinger

Adolfo Camarillo High School's student-run news publication

The Stinger

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Times have changed; graduation at Cam High used to be multicolored. Not anymore. 

Photo By: Cecilia Bach-Nguyen

Cam High to Change more than 50 Years of Tradition With Graduation Gowns

Chloe Schicker, Editor in Chief October 18, 2017

Students at Cam High will no longer be provided with two different graduation gown colors and will have to choose just one for all graduates in a vote to be held this month. Oxnard Union High School...

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Cam Highs Weekend Under the Stars

Cam High’s Weekend Under the Stars

Jessica Lang and Brooke Wheeler, Staff Writer September 29, 2017

A rush of students wearing black, white, silver, and gold fill the bleachers of Cam High’s gymnasium and a buzz of excitement is felt among the students as they anticipate homecoming weekend. Friday,...

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Inside Our Cranium is a piece with about 800 origami paper cranes representing positive change.

Birds of Inspiration

Chloe Schicker, Staff Writer February 13, 2017

Art classes at Cam High have recently evolved from painting pictures and improving art skills to making a difference that will benefit the local Camarillo community. During the end of January, Mrs. Terry...

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(From left to right) Mrs. Tawney Safran, Mr. Matthew Doyle and Mrs. Bonnie Mills promoting their PBIS t-shirts.

Classroom Discipline Evolves at Cam High

Chloe Schicker, Staff Writer November 18, 2016

During the month of October, teachers at Cam High have integrated a program called Positive Behavior Interventions and Support, or PBIS, into classrooms across campus in order to minimize minor disciplinary...

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Vegan pizza from PizzaRev made with a gluten free crust, vegan cheese and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Taste and Tell #2: Just The Vegan-ing

Kaylie Chen and Chloe Schicker November 9, 2016

In recent years, veganism has become more mainstream among millennials, many converting to plant-based diets for ethical, environmental or health reasons, and with Camarillo’s close proximity to Los...

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Cam Highs Homecoming Dance Diamonds Are Forever took place behind the schools gymnasium on October 8th, 2016.

Homecoming Dance Improvements Met with Positive Feedback

Chloe Schicker, Staff Writer October 12, 2016

Cam High's homecoming dance, held on school campus behind the gym on Saturday night, had about 1,100 attendees, according to ASB. The theme of the dance, diamonds are forever, was represented by the...

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Hollie Jetton, cafeteria manager, hands student bags of chips during lunch.

New Cafeteria Food Gets a Thumbs up From Students

Chloe Schicker, Staff Writer October 6, 2016

The cafeteria menu has once again been redesigned, with even more changes implemented this school year than last year. For the most part, Cam High students have been pleasantly surprised by the school's...

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