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Rhiannan Ruef
Hey guys! Welcome to the site. My name's Rhiannan, I'm a senior and the photography editor/photographer here at the Stinger. I originally joined to be a writer and write the occasional story but photography ended up being my calling, leaving me to fill the huge shoes yet tiny footsteps of my goals- James Schapp.

A little about me, I love photography and writing, and in my spare time I'm playing flute or piccolo (that little black instrument that makes your ears bleed, you're welcome), or piano and guitar. I might possibly be one of the biggest Doctor Who/Sherlock/Supernatural fans you may ever meet. I'm in the process of penning the next great American novel, and I'm also obsessed with flannel and all things "grunge." Of Mice and Men and Mayday Parade are my favorite bands without a doubt.

Rhiannan Ruef, Photography Editor

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Rhiannan Ruef