Ready or not: The Scorpions face new challenges


Photo provided by the ACHS Scorpion Athletic Booster Club

Different Cam High sports teams gather for a group photo to commemorate the past and upcoming seasons of the 2014-2015 school year.

As of the 2014-2015 school year Cam High advanced to the Marmonte League. For some sports it has been successful and challenging; for others it has been too much of a challenge.

The 2013 Football season left Cam High undefeated in the Pacific View League, eventually advancing to CIF playoffs. Now in the 2014-2015 school year the Scorpions were unable to enter CIF under their former undefeated title.

The Marmonte Football Association has proven to be a challenge for Cam High’s gridiron gang. The league consists of twelve teams divided into three, four-teamed leagues. Cam High is currently part of the middle league known as the Camino league.

The Scorpion’s new rivals, the Newbury Park Panthers, dominated Cam High at an away game at Newbury Park High School. Cam High entered CIF losing four of their previous games. After the first round of CIF playoffs Cam High Football lost to Lompoc.

“It’s been more of a challenge for us,” said Athletic Director, Mrs. Mary Perez. “This league has more competitive equity.”

After Cam High was added to the original Marmonte League, the league board decided to split the original Marmonte League into two separate leagues, Marmonte and Coastal Canyon. Football remained in the Marmonte league while the rest of Cam High sports moved to the Coastal Canyon League.

“These are teams some of our teams haven’t played before, not even in non-league games,” said Perez.

In the other fall sports category teams have been trying to “step up” to the challenge of the demanding Coastal Canyon League.

Girls volleyball placed fourth in their division and was unable to go to CIF.

Cross Country was already used to these challenging teams and was not caught off guard like many other Cam High sports. The boys team also placed fourth in their division, while the girls placed third and qualified for CIF preliminaries, placing fourth in county.

Boys Water Polo, after going to CIF for the first time since 2013, was unable to keep up that momentum. Barely treading water, the boys team came in last place in league play this year.

The girls golf team placed third in the league this year.

Following the crushing defeats of fall sports, Boys Basketball has been having trouble beating the Coastal Canyon League teams. The boys have placed fourth in the league but will be playing in CIF playoffs.

The Boys Varsity Wrestling team, however,  won CIF and went undefeated this year. The grapplers have now won championships over three different leagues along with ten individual championships and are the first to achieve that honor in Cam High history.

Along with a successful boys team, the Girls Wrestling team has done very well as they separated from the boys in CIF. Sydney Santillano, senior, and Nicole Joesph, junior, were able to score well in Masters competition.

Girls Basketball also answered the call to the Coastal Canyon League and is currently undefeated. The girls will be going to CIF to finish off the basketball season.

Making up for the boys’ losses, Girls Water polo put a lot of hard work into their own games placed second in league, progressing to the CIF championships.

Girls Soccer rolled through a trying season, finishing last this year.

Boys Soccer has done well placing second in league. Featuring a number of players who were named on the Ventura County Star’s Athletes of the Week roster, the team plans to continue its winning streak and into CIF playoffs.

“I think we will have a league championship in the next three years,” said Perez. “Practicing harder and competing at a higher level is the goal for Cam High sports.” Perez said she believes that with a little more time in the more challenging league, the Scorpions will again dominate league play.