The Stinger

Cailey Renken, sophomore, sees a future in the Olympics as a swimmer. Renken is among the best ranked swimmers in Ventura County.

Making Waves

November 4, 2014

Mr. Corey Reynolds, Cam High's new band director, prepares the band for the upcoming competition season.

Banding Together

September 24, 2014

Temperatures in Mrs. Lori Pristera's room in C-wing reached 89 degrees by 12 pm Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Putting the A/C in ACHS

September 17, 2014

Mrs. Debbie Prentice assists Maesie Andrews in her college application.

Do your App, Take a Nap

January 10, 2014

Mitchell Sternberg, senior, resting during his study hall period.


December 18, 2013

Natalie McIntyre, senior at Mr. Mark Storer's English 4 class, takes notes that are projected from the smartboard.

Getting Smarter Every Day

November 15, 2013

Adolfo Camarillo High School's student-run news publication