Getting Smarter Every Day


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Natalie McIntyre, senior at Mr. Mark Storer’s English 4 class, takes notes that are projected from the smartboard.

The new SMART Boards installed throughout Cam High classrooms give students and teachers the opportunity to have an in-depth educational experience.

Kourtney Nguyen, freshman, believes that the SMART Boards are a beneficial addition to the classrooms. “We didn’t have a lot of SMART Boards at my old school,” said Nguyen. “And I think it makes the classroom environment a little less boring. One of my teachers puts up educational videos every now and then to keep it interesting. Overall I really like the technology.”

According to Andrew Gambon, junior, SMART Boards come with disadvantages as well. “The boards are useful, but some teachers don’t really have the technological know-how and that is kind of an inconvenience,” said Gambon. “I like the interactivity of the boards, but I don’t really like the reliance some teachers have on the boards for subjects that need more of a hands-on approach to learning a topic.”

Aidan Warnock, junior, thinks that having SMART Boards is a “necessity”. “I never would have thought that we would have cool technology in the classroom like this until I was an adult,” Warnock said. “And the fact that the technology is so easy and user-friendly makes it that much better.”

Mr. Victor Palazuelos, social studies teacher, feels like the SMART technology enhances his teaching experience. “I had zero hours of any training for the SMART Boards. I had to learn it all on my own,” said Palazuelos. “But it’s a really effective tool that helps me teach students more efficiently and effectively. And all my curriculum is all digital with vocabulary words and standardized test questions so I sometimes like to send students up so they can interact with the board as well.”