Taste and Tell #6: HoneyMee

Desserts have become more aesthetic and of higher quality in recent years due to social media exposure through pictures of food, especially in areas such as Orange County and Los Angeles County. HoneyMee, a recently trending dessert spot, has made its way up to the Camarillo Premium Outlets after the chain started in Los Angeles last year. HoneyMee has 11 other locations throughout Southern California, gaining popularity for their signature dessert, soft serve ice cream with raw honey drizzled on top.

The Experience

Right off the bat, HoneyMee’s bright sign and comparatively eye-catching minimalistic structure stood out among the other food stalls at the food court in the Camarillo Outlets. Because we went to HoneyMee on a weekday, the Food Court was somewhat quiet and barren, but nonetheless, HoneyMee had quite the number of customers during these hours. Employees were friendly and worked promptly to prepare our food quickly, as we were able to order and receive our order within ten minutes.

The Food

Honeymee’s menu consists of milk ice cream, honey milk shakes, coffee, honey tea, and Belgian waffles. The milk ice cream is made from real California milk from a family-owned, certified Kosher dairy factory, without any artificial flavors or colors. To accompany the milk ice cream and Belgian waffles, there are a variety of options of sweet toppings including Nutella, honey, and Ghiradelli chocolate sauce. The honey and honeycombs that top many of the menu items are 100% pure and natural, and come from a local bee-certified bee farm.

Photo by Uyen Mai
The Sweetie

Iris: I ordered a Sweetie, which is honey drizzled atop milk soft serve. The soft serve was more icy than it was creamy. The honey had a smooth but flavorful taste. Overall, the dessert was sweet, but not overpowering. There was an ample amount of honey, which perfectly complemented the sweet milk ice cream.

The ice cream was small for its price tag at $4.45, however, the quality of the ice cream was superb compared to any other ice cream I have tried. It was unique, as the ice cream tasted like sweet milk. The honey had a smooth but flavorful taste.

Photo By Uyen Mai

I also tried the Sea Salt Chocolate Honey Milkshake for $5. The milkshake was one of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had. The milkshake had Ghiradelli chocolate sauce with sea salt from France. The sea salt accentuated the rich flavor of creamy chocolate. For $5, this milkshake was definitely worth its quality and quantity.

Uyen: I ordered the Matcha Affogato Ice Cream, which was Matcha Green Tea syrup and honey drizzled over milk soft serve. The ice cream was creamy, but more bland than most soft-serve ice creams, most likely in order to balance out the sweet toppings. The ice cream and Matcha Green Tea complimented each other well; although it was a dessert, the treat was not overly sweet.

Photo by Uyen Mai
Matcha Affogato Ice Cream

The Matcha Green Tea syrup mixed with honey was the highlight of the dessert- eating the ice cream on its own would be a lackluster experience. The saccharine honey was an interesting but well-made combination with Matcha Green Tea flavor, which had an herbal and bittersweet taste. Being a green tea enthusiast of all types, I was pleased with the authentic taste of the syrup. There was a fine balance between the sweetness of the  honey, added sugar and the Matcha Green Tea flavor.

Photo By Uyen Mai
Honey Green Tea

The ice cream melted fairly quickly compared to the honeycomb ice cream, although I’m not certain whether that’s due to the addition of the green tea syrup or a difference in the consistencies of the soft-serve ice creams. Overall, though, I enjoyed the dessert and would recommend it to people who enjoy green tea flavored treats. However, at a price of $4.95, I thought the serving amount was very small for what I was paying.

I also ordered the Honey Green Tea at a cost of $4.00, which is a honey-flavored green tea. Upon initial taste, it was prevalent that the drink was a bit bland, and tasted more like green tea-flavored honey water than a honey-flavored green tea. After drinking half of the drink, the sweet taste started to become a little sickly. Persoanlly, I would rather have a strong herbal tea, but for those who are new to drinking tea, I would recommend the Honey Green Tea.


Overall, we thought HoneyMee was well worth the visit and a wonderful addition to the Camarillo Outlets. The unique and high-quality ice cream and toppings were a nice change of pace from the typical frozen yogurt shops in Camarillo. We wouldn’t say that the ice cream was definitely worth the money for everyone, but if you’re in search of a new dessert spot to visit in Camarillo, we recommend you to experiment for yourself.