Historic win for Cam High football


Keira Witham

Senior quarterback, Jake Constantine, sets up for a pass.

Last week, the varsity football team became the CIF Northern Division Champions for the first time since 1996 and went on to win the Division II-AA South Regionals, defeating the La Habra Highlanders 63-49. They will now advance to state championships in Sacramento on Friday– a first in Cam High history.

The championship game will be held at Sacramento State University at 4 P.M. against the Del Oro Golden Eagles.

While facing the Highlanders last Friday, Cam High dominated the field, scoring the first touchdown of the game within the first three minutes. After a few penalties against both sides, La Habra tied up the score with 1:20 left in the quarter. No additional touchdowns from either side were made in the first quarter.

A little over a minute into the second quarter, senior Isaiah Otis scored a 14-yard touchdown, bringing Cam High back into the lead. After a brief time-out, Cam High senior Ryan Muscarella scored another touchdown from the 40-yard line. La Habra, determined to stay in the game, scored a two-yard touchdown halfway through the quarter, but the Scorps pushed back with yet another touchdown at three minutes before half-time.

The vigor and passion of each player was evident in the intensity of both the Scorps’ and the Highlanders’ playing. Each team needed a break, and after four time-outs, the Highlanders scored a five-yard touchdown with just five seconds left on the clock, ending second quarter with a score of 28-21.

Half time was full of cheers and music after performances from the Cam High varsity cheer squad, song leaders, and marching band. Although the weather was cold for Southern Californians, with the temperature hovering around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the animated buzz of the crowd made one thing clear– the Scorpions were ready for the second half.

Scorpion starter and senior Frankie Tostado scored the first touchdown of third quarter. In the next four minutes, the Highlanders retaliated with their own touchdown, but Tostado trailed right behind them, scoring an impressive 51-yard touchdown for Cam High 40 seconds later. However, this wasn’t the end for La Habra, and within the next minute, the Highlanders came back with another touchdown. Otis scored the last touchdown of the quarter, a 32-yard move with only 19 seconds left in the quarter. The score was now 49-35.

La Habra, eagerly anticipating their last chance for victory, scored their first touchdown just 37 seconds into fourth quarter. They now were down by only seven points. The clock ticked on, and with less than five minutes remaining, La Habra scored their last touchdown of the game. The Highlanders and the Scorpions stood tied, 49-49. Cam High went straight for victory, unfazed by the tension, and scored their last touchdown of the game 52 seconds before the game’s end. The Cam High varsity football team won the title of CIF Regional Champions, with 63 points and a screaming crowd celebrating the momentous victory.