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Omeed Tavasoli
Hello everyone! My name is Omeed Tavasoli and I am a new staff writer for the Stinger. Aside from writing, I have many hobbies and interests including watching movies and reading books. I am proficient in 3 languages, French, English and Farsi, and I am striving to learn more. I love to talk and am extremely social! If you ever see me around campus, don't be afraid to say hi!

As a senior, I have spent a lot of time at Cam High and have become involved in many great clubs such as Mock Trial, KIWIN'S, and Naturally Green. There are so many fun ways to get involved in Cam High and there is quite literally a club for everyone.

A normal day for me starts at 6:00 am and ends at 11:30 pm and between those hours I am constantly working to improve myself and my community, balancing work and play can be hard sometimes but somehow I still manage to have fun as well as work hard.

As a new stinger, I hope I will bring a unique voice to the paper and I am looking forward to writing many enthralling stories in the future.


Omeed Tavasoli, Staff Writer

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Omeed Tavasoli