A rallying return


Photo by: Rhiannan Ruef

Seniors dressed in pink cheering at the traditional class call.

Cam High’s annual Welcome Back Rally took place in the gym on Friday, Sep. 25, and included performances from the school’s band and cheer team.

Posters decorated the walls, indicating seating and class colors chose in alignment with this year’s theme: neon. The gym was dim with black lights, allowing the neon colors and posters stand out, and students packed the bleachers, many of them dressed in their respective class colors.  Freshmen wore orange, sophomores wore green, juniors wore yellow, and seniors wore pink.

The rally started off with attempts to excite the crowd, hosted by Mr. Dennis Riedmiller, special ed teacher and former varsity football coach. Students actively competed to cheer the loudest when their class was called.

Delanee Upchurch, a freshman at Cam High, had mixed feelings regarding the rally. “Parts of me were hyped, other parts weren’t,” said Upchurch. “It was really fun, but I felt that the freshman class wasn’t loud enough.”

Others, such as Melissa Wasylewski, junior, enjoyed the turnout of the rally. “I think the rally was really spirited with all the classes screaming,” said Wasylewski.  “The games were also really fun to watch.”

The Welcome Back Rally held two games: Musical Yoga Balls, a spin-off of the widely known party game Musical Chairs, and Ball in the Cup. In Musical Yoga Balls, blindfolded students tried to find and sit on yoga balls that other people were holding down. In Ball in the Cup, students attempted to throw a ball into a basket on their waists without using their hands.

The games allowed one student from each class to compete against each other in hopes of achieving victory over the other classes. The first game was won by the senior class while the second game was won by the sophomore class.

“The rally was really fun,” said senior  Jake Tackett, winner of Musical Yoga Balls. “It’s crazy that there’s so few rallies left in high school [for me], so I’m really happy that ASB makes them so much fun and interactive.”