Stephenson Returns to Her Roots


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

Kim Stephenson, associate principle, working with students.

New faces arrive annually at the turn of every school year at Cam High. Dr. Kim Stephenson is the newest participant in this tradition.

Entering campus as one of two new assistant principals, Stephenson has been a resident of Camarillo since second grade. Growing up with some bumps in the road, she acquired her love for learning at Rio Mesa High School. She so much enjoyed learning, in fact, that she attended UCLA and went on to earn her Doctorate in educational psychology at Stanford University. Though she worked for the Conejo Valley School District for some time, Stephenson felt she wanted to give back to the district she came from.

“Because of my experiences in life, I see the students as people and want to help them achieve what they aspire to achieve,” Stephenson stated. High School, Stephenson believes, is a place where “we are preparing students for the real world.”

Wanting to be seen as a helping force, more than someone who suspends kids for fun, Stephenson aims to do whatever she can to help students reach their goals however she can.

The bilingual Spanish/English speaker is currently in the process of earning her yoga certification, as she enjoys engaging in Zumba, body combat, and travel with her husband and two daughters.

Dr. Stephenson says she looks forward to being on campus this year.