Check Your Pockets


Photo By: Alex Rozbicki

A Garrett metal detection wand resting on a chair in an associate principal’s office.

Cam High, for the first time in years, is conducting random metal searches on campus. These random searches are performed according to Oxnard Union High School Board policies.

The Oxnard Union High School District, located on K Street in Oxnard, has begun to crack down on district board policies that have been applied in a relaxed manner at Cam High in the past, most notably by revoking lunch passes and standing by security guidelines that outline when random metal searches are required. “We are supposed to do one classroom a day,” said associate principal Mr. Tom Ito, but, “then it went to two times a week, and then once a week”. Cam High used to carry out these searches accordingly, as enacted in 1998. As of now, administration at Cam High has regarded the campus as having a “college atmosphere.”

As for board policies, metal detector searches are to be conducted each day at random. “The process of random metal searches starts with one of our assistant principals pulling numbers out of a hat. First, they will pick a building, like K, then a room number, which would be K5, and then a random letter like S, so everybody with a last name starting with S will have their belongings checked,” said Officer Shawn Eskridge. “It’s very random and very simple.”

According to the OUHSD, all district school administrations must strictly adhere to policies set from K street.

In addition to the recent implementing of daily metal searches, K-9 units are still frequently used across the campus by sending dogs that can, “sniff out drugs and gunpowder, even in cars,” said Ito. All of the security precautions taken at Cam High are in place to deter bringing illegal substances and contraband on campus. “If students know there will be random metal searches, they will be less likely to bring weapons on campus.”