New ASB Director for upcoming school year announced


Serena Sotelo

Beginning next year, Ms. Lori Pristera will be the new ASB adviser.

After two years of running Cam High’s student government, Mr. Michaeltore Smith is stepping down as ASB adviser, with Mrs. Lori Pristera taking his place.

“[I’m leaving the position] because I want to to be able to focus more on my job as the head boys basketball coach and spend more time with my family,” said Smith. “I loved working with the students and staff on ASB, but I need more time to coach my team and spend time with my family.”

Pristera, currently an English 2 Honors teacher, responded to the call for a new Cam High activities director. Due to time constraints, she will not be able to handle the demands of being a full time English teacher along with the new job and will only be taking on two English classes as opposed to five next year.

“I am an English teacher and academician first and foremost,” said Pristera. “[But] I had many reasons for considering the job [of ASB director]. It will be a nice change of pace for me and also an opportunity to interact and impact in a much bigger way.”

She said that a major reason for considering the job is to be able to stay at Cam High, as the ASB director job would prevent her from being transferred to other schools in the district.  “[A main reason I became ASB director was] definitely the threat of an involuntary transfer to another school,” said Pristera. “Despite my 11 years in the district and at the school, I am very low on the seniority totem pole. No one wants to leave here, and who can blame them? I was involuntarily transferred several years ago for three days, and I don’t want that to happen again.”

Though Pristera also has responsibilities as the 2016 Senior class adviser, she believes she will have enough time to handle both positions ably. “I have the most amazing and supportive group of kids and parents for the Class of 2016, and I know we will all carry on effectively,” she said.

Pristera said that she is looking forward to contributing more to Cam High’s student body. “I think just building on the wonderful things that have already been happening in the ASB class, the school, and the community is more of what I’m hoping to achieve,” she said. “More than anything, I am looking forward to carrying on the positive school culture, and the interpersonal relationships with the students, staff, and the community. I want these kids to enjoy their years here, remember them positively forever, and also have them make an indelible mark of greatness on their community.”