Cam High’s library losing a helping hand


Photo by: Serena Sotelo

Allison Hyatt, working during zero and first period in the library

Allison Hyatt, senior, dedicates her own time willingly to help out in the library.

Hyatt has been doing this for three and a half years now; almost all throughout high school. Her job first started back in freshman year, working alongside Mrs. Peggy Whitacre, a Cam High librarian and textbook clerk. Their job varies from cleaning tables and windows to helping out different students.

“[My job] includes putting books away, turning on computers in the morning, cleaning tables, windows, checking in and out books, writing late passes, and stuff like that,” said Hyatt.

Whitacre had only positive things to say about Allison and emphasized how much she has contributed and helped out in the library. “She is always helpful,” said Whitacre. “She reaches out, and puts her hands out to help other people. She is always early, on time, and if she is gonna be late she lets us know.”

Hyatt helps out in the library everyday, Monday through Friday, as an aide during first period. She not only devotes her time first period, but also comes in on her own time during zero period to help out too. This means that she is in the library every morning from 7:00 a.m. to 9:05 a.m..

Mrs. Whitacre is amazed by the dedication Allison has for the job and the sacrifices she makes to do something she isn’t required to. “Coming in here zero period, for something she doesn’t even have a class for, amazes me. That tells me a lot about her,” said Whitacre.

Whitacre and Hyatt have been a team since Hyatt’s freshman year in 2011. Hyatt is now part of the class of 2015 and is graduating this year. Since she will be going on to college, her time at the library will end.

Whitacre is very sad to see Hyatt leave and recalls how much she has changed as a person throughout the years. “She has grown from a very quiet individual, to an individual that has reached out in all different areas,” said Whitacre.

Allison wants all to feel welcome to come to the library, and to not be afraid to ask for help or questions. You can find the duo working in the textbook room, behind the counter, or walking around in the library. The Cam High library is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.