Student government promotes optimism


Photo by: Rhiannan Ruef

A student tears off a smiley-face to give to another Cam High student

ASB has recently created a campaign called Share a Smile, a poster-driven effort aiming to spread positivity and kindness throughout the school.

Brightly colored posters with removeable smiley-face tags at the bottom can now be found on the hallway walls and doors of classrooms, encouraging passersby to literally and figuratively share a smile with others.

The creators of the campaign, freshman Adree Jenkins and junior Madeline Mejhrali, intend to use the yellow posters to help students and faculty face each day with a happier and more cheerful attitude.

“Since I have started high school, I have noticed that there exists little to no happiness on campus,” said Jenkins. “I was hoping that Share a Smile could change that.”

Mehrali also agreed with Jenkins about the need to ameliorate the school atmosphere. “I felt like I needed to spread positivity throughout the school and do something different,” said Mehrali.

“If other students take this to heart, they can easily tear off a smile from one of the posters and give it to someone, and spread smiles throughout the school by leading by example,” said Mehrali and Jenkins. “We feel that the more people who do this at our school, the happier the school environment will be for everyone.”

Spanish teacher Mrs. Adrienne Denny, “This campaign is important. It is always a great thing to share smiles with others. Smiles make the world go round.”

Mehrali and Jenkins have been impressed with the level of participation in the campaign. “A lot of people have been using the smiles. We will put up a poster and a few minutes later we’ll see people already took a few smiles,” said Mehrali.

The ASB has had to replace posters as well. “There was a poster placed on my door, and it was refilled a second time with smiles after I ran out,” said Denny.

The campaign will last through the month of March, but the campaign creators hope it will leave permanent changes. “I don’t think that people should only be kind during a certain month or just because of a poster, they should be nice because it’s the decent thing to do,” said Makkena Fowler, junior.