Should Seniors Be Allowed To Do Senior Pranks?


Pic credits go to cafemom.!

Seniors here at ACHS were not allowed to do a senior prank. Why is that? It is a tradition for seniors to do a senior prank. Our Principle, Mr. LaBelle, will not let our seniors have a little fun. Yes, the clean-up may be a pain (depending on the prank) but it is a great memory for the seniors to have. They will also have great stories to tell people. In my opinion, Mr. LaBelle should have let the seniors do a prank. 

Our school is infamous for not being allowed to show a lot of school spirit. For instance, we are not allowed to have baby powder, colored powder, or chant to the other school’s student section during football games. Other schools in our district are allowed to have this kind of spirit. This is what makes the football games fun. Yes, there are times when we get too rowdy and start doing dangerous activities. One thing that has happened this past year was someone threw a water bottle. That is when we should start taking precautions because this can lead to an injury. From a student’s perspective, games are not as fun if we are restricted from chanting or bringing things to show spirit. We did not pay $10 just to stand and watch a football game, we are here to have fun, be loud, have spirit, and support our teams. 

I think in the upcoming years Mr. LaBelle should change his mind and be more lenient in having a little more fun. In my opinion, I think that the more restrictions we get the more problems there will be with students and people participating in school spirit. This action will make us not want to go to school games.