Squid Game Review: Why is it so Popular?


Scene from Episode 1 of Squid Game: Red Light Green Light

Have you heard of the new Netflix show that has been trending lately? This show on Netflix is called Squid Game, named after a children’s game in South Korea. The show exploded in popularity all around the world because of the prominent social media app, TikTok. TikTok has encouraged people from everywhere to watch Squid Game. As well as the encouragement from many TikTok users, I encourage you to watch this show as well.

Squid Game was the “biggest series launch ever,” Netflix stated on their Twitter. Squid Game has had over 111 million views since it fist came out mid-September. The plot of the show is to help people that are in debt win prize money by participating in games and work with others. The best part in the show that I think people would be interested in is where everyone participating succumbed to the fear and anger in them because of this situation, attacking and in some cases, killing others just to win. People went into the game, not knowing what they would get themselves into, and end up dying. 

This show has many ups and downs, with deaths and victories happening every game. Personally, my opinion on Squid Game is that it is a very interesting and unique show. It is one of those shows that people get hooked on and cannot stop watching because you want to see what happens next. I think the show is popular because it’s a really good show and there currently aren’t that many good shows to watch on Netflix, and as I mentioned, it is an addicting show that has excitement around every corner. Squid Game is not a show for younger audiences, because it not only would be too hard to comprehend what’s happening, the gore/graphic scenes in it would be too much for some people. If someone told me to rate this show, I would rate it a 9.5 out of 10. It’s a 9.5 only because some parts weren’t the best and they were a bit hard for me to understand. But overall, it was the best show I’ve ever watched. 

In conclusion, I would recommend everyone to watch Squid Game and tell me what your favorite episode is. My favorite episode would have to be the first one, because I wasn’t expecting a lot to happen a lot of things to happen in it that did. If you watch it and you weren’t interested in the show, why weren’t you interested? Also, I hope everyone that wants to watch it will rate the show from 1-10 to see if you like this still trending. This show has many lessons that can be learned, as well as a riveting plot that has captured many.