Club Feature: Cam High’s Anime and Manga Club


Evan Tree

Anime and Manga club meeting – D3 – Friday

Are you willing to go meet people with similar interests? Well if anime and manga is your thing you may be in luck as a Cam High student. On campus along with many other clubs, the Anime and Manga Club exists. The club primarily focuses on what the name implies: Anime and Manga (Animated cartoons and comics), Japanese forms of entertainment which have become a widespread sensation among Western audiences. The club’s purpose, as in the words of their president, Chelsea Aryeetey, a Cam High sophomore, is to “Create a community that is safe, a place where you and everybody else can talk about what they enjoy.”

The AAM Club meets on the first and last Thursday of every month in room D3. The club started off the year by participating in club rush, where they handed out candy to prospective members. Its first meeting which was held on September 30 of this year, and was packed with attendees — the class even ran out of chairs for people to sit. The main event during this kick-off meeting was a Kahoot on knowledge within the realm of anime and manga. Following this first meeting, many members, such as Olivia Mayorga, a Junior at Cam High, are looking forward to more discussions and events: “[We] have just played Kahoot, so I’m hoping for more future fun.” 

AAM has a plethora of plans when it comes to events and plans. Aryeety mentioned an event where she, in hopes of providing the best events possible, has many concepts lined up, though some she… “can’t really talk about … but [they] are trying to do something pretty cool [with] a big company,” and that they also plan to, “try to include more discussions into [the] meetings.” 

If you want to learn more about the club and be up to date with what their meetings will be about, you can check their social media at by searching @achs_anime_club on Instagram or by clicking here.