CLB, Best Album of the Year?


Album Cover of Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy”, aka CLB.

       Drake’s new album, Certified Lover Boy (aka CLB), one of the biggest and most hyped albums of the year, released September 3, 2021 and made over 500,000 sales on the first week of it’s release. Certified Lover Boy was one of his biggest hits, having many songs on the charts. It is also battling with Donda by Kanye West, another great album by another great rapper.

     I think the Certified Lover Boy album definitely passes Donda by a good amount, because of the fact that it has sold over 500k units just in the U.S, and is the first album of 2021 to reach Gold in under a week. It has 3 songs in the top 10,  and 2 other songs in the top 20, according to RapTV. Also, according to the Rap Instagram account, CLB has been sitting at number one as an album for 3 weeks now. At least half of his album is in the Billboard’s Top 100, which you can view here.

     People were trying to compare Drake to Michael Jackson, because the previous record for most hits on the Billboard chart was held by Jackson. This is completely absurd to do because there is no other lyricist, singer, and performer like Jackson. There was a crowd wherever he went, and Drake is just not at that level, and may never be. We won’t know until he drops something as good as his past albums.

      Even with all of these statistics, a big reason I think this album is not his best is because the featured artists had better flows on their verses than Drake did. Drake had great lyrics, but he didn’t flow too well with the beats on the songs. There were a couple that I like with Drake, such as “No Friends In The Industry” and “Love All” ft. Jay-Z.  Personally, my favorite songs on this album are “You Only Live Twice” ft. Lil Wayne, and “Fair Trade” ft.Travis Scott, mainly because of the features.

Overall, it’s a pretty good album and I’d give it a 7.8/10. I’ve read lots of reviews that I agree on saying that it could have been his best album, but there have been past albums much better and that I’d still rather listen to.