Welcome Back! — Cam High 2021 Homecoming Football Game


Victor Dominguez, Managing Editor

Cam High Football finally returns for the 2021 Homecoming game following the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost entirely filling the stands, students and parents alike, from various high schools and communities in the region, attended the game, which saw Cam High defeat the opposition (the Righetti Warriors from Santa Maria) 29 to 6, but not before overcoming a narrow 7 to 6 score at the end of the second quarter.

This Homecoming game serves as a landmark event, as it has been more than two years since the football game was last held at Cam High (2018). Games played by Cam High during the 2019-2020 school year were not at Cam High; rather, they were at Moorpark College due to the installation of artificial turf on the Cam High field.

Students were ecstatic to be able to attend this event, including Cam High marching band member and junior Ashley Martinez. Regarding the character and ambiance of the game, she said, “It was very energetic, but also somewhat chaotic because people were throwing water bottles and baby powder in the air — but it added to the energy.” William Tipton, senior at Cam High, added, “People were really excited, but I think they were a little too excited. People got way too hyped and did some things they probably are gonna regret, like the booing, throwing blue footballs at the band members, the baby powder….”

Students were also asked about their opinions about the hurling of potentially dangerous objects in the stands. Martinez said bluntly regarding the issue, “I think it’s reckless and dangerous because they said a kid almost got hit in the head [with a water bottle]. I think it [throwing water bottles] should be banned; [they] shouldn’t be allowed to throw water bottles in such a crowded area where someone could [get] hurt.”

Parents and students in the stands who were directly impacted by people throwing these objects were seen jumping up from their seats, furious and yelling. It appears that projectiles have become a common theme at Cam High events, including students throwing glow sticks at the Glow Dance and another student hurling a math book at a cheerleader during the first rally. Both occurrences have been met with thorough disapproval from faculty and students alike. Tipton perhaps put it best, stating, “Frankly… it seems like they are acting like animals.” To read about the Glow Dance, refer to this article.

On a lighter note, students are incredibly happy with Cam High’s victory and are greatly anticipating future Cam High football games. The game was overall described as a fantastic experience.  Noting the most ‘exciting moment in the game’, Tipton said, “It was a really close half, which was nice, and we took it away at the end.”

“Football games and the marching band are very fun and full of energy. We get to talk to each other and it is a very positive environment,” concluded Martinez.