Cam High’s Homecoming 2021


Brittany Dolling

Cam High students dancing at Homecoming 2021

On the 18th of September, the homecoming dance was held. an overall fun experience that had people from all grades, be they new and old or from different schools come together to have a good time.

Due to the more variety of activities in the dance other than dancing, people had more good things to say about the event generally, for example as Emelya Whalen, senior (and self proclaimed pool expert), said “I love that they have pool here, ‘cause that’s never happened before since I’ve been here.” Although that’s not the only thing people enjoyed of course.

The homecoming dance also was seen as a great opportunity to socialize due to the annual tradition last being held about 2 years ago since due to the complications of the pandemic it couldn’t happen. And the people know this, “I’m glad that we’re even able to have one, we didn’t have one for the last 2 years.” said Christopher Phenix, senior.

Since the last time homecoming was held, or any big event for that matter, was a long time ago, ASB wanted to make the most of this opportunity that we had, “It is a lot of work, Mrs. Pristera and ASB spent a lot of hours to put this together and they did a fantastic job.” Said Mr. La Belle, the school principal. We can clearly see the hard job they did with all there was to do, people had fun which was what they were intending to do with this dance and they accomplished it.