Israel-Palestine Conflict Sparks Global Protest



Pro-Palestinian demonstrators attend a protest following a flare-up of Israeli-Palestinian violence, in London, Britain May 11, 2021. REUTERS/Toby Melville

Earlier this month, there has been a surge in fairly large protests that first erupted in East Jerusalem. The protests started after a decision has been made by the Supreme Court of Israel. 71 protesters were injured and 3 protesters were killed, and the protesters that were injured and killed were from Palestine.

The Supreme Court of Israel had attempted to move Palestinians forcibly from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. Approximately 1.9 million Palestinian citizens supported everyone who currently lives in Sheikh Jarrah enough to walk the streets in numerous different cities located in Palestine, all sharing the same opinion: The Israeli government could not justifiably relocate Palestinians. According to USA Today, “Protests extended as far as Los Angeles to New York last Saturday.” The belief that the Israeli government is actively oppressing Palestinians has been circulating through most popular cities in the United States, sparking more controversy, conversation, and concerns every day.

Aden Rush, freshman at Cam High, believes that though the message is rapidly spreading throughout the world, the most popular way of speaking out, protest, is useless: “Protest do not help with solving problems in the world, they just bring more chaos and hatred in the world.”

The protesters in Palestinian have yet to cause any riots, but the Supreme Court is still losing because of the number of protesters. This protest is still a lot more peaceful than other protests in the past, and there is not much more people can do besides a protest to send out a message into the world, the best people can do is to make sure the protest stays peaceful.

The Conversation, states, “Scenes of police violently breaking up peaceful protests, Israeli security forces being deployed into Palestinian neighborhoods inside the country, and armed Israeli Jewish vigilantes attacking Palestinians in mixed cities could also, I believe, further reinforce the image of Israel as a colonial power in the minds of not only its marginalized Palestinian minority, but also their international supporters as well.”

Most of the Palestinian protests were peaceful, yet the police in Palestine are disliking the main factors for the protest. The fact that most police do not agree with the protesters brings chaos to the streets, and according to the protesters, they also do not agree with police officers’ visions–the protesters show that they can be peaceful about this, and the law enforcement were the first to break that peace.

When protests become affected by law enforcement, they tend to either continue to be peaceful protests, or law enforcement will break the peace, and then the protest usually becomes even more chaotic than it already is. The Palestinian protests started with violence, though it is now becoming more peaceful by the days as the Palestinians have recently given up violence.